[SHOT 2019] SureFire’s New XLV2 Pistol/Carbine weaponlight and laser

    SureFire had a number of new lights on display at SHOT Show 2019. The XLV2 is probably the most interesting one. It is an all in one WML.

    As you can see in the photo above, the XLV2 has both visible and IR light/laser. This reminds me of the Steiner DBAL-PL or the Wilcox Raptar LITE ES. Both of those are an all-in-one weapon mounted light and laser and what set them apart from SureFire’s previous offerings was the fact that it has light and laser in both IR and visible spectrums. If you wanted an IR WML with laser from Surefire you would have to get the X400V. And while it uses Vampire technology to give you both IR and visible white light, you only have an IR laser. Surefire has never had a device that has both visible and IR lasers in one unit until now.

    One major difference of the XLV2 is the fact that you can change batteries without removing the unit so you do not have to re-zero the laser. However the battery cap is the LED head. I tested the battery cap and it is a little too easy to remove it from the body. Just a quarter turn and the head pops off. Not only is it too easy to remove, but if the head is partially turned, the light wont work. I hope SureFire fixes this issue. They could alter the design a little bit like require the head to be pulled and then turned or pushed in and turned like a childproof medicine bottle cap. Also a tether would be nice to have so even if you drop the battery cap, you wont lose it.

    The XLV2 is being offered in a MIL/LE only version first with higher powered lasers. They said they will be offering a civilian eye safe version later. The LED lights are maxvision reflectors and will produce 400 lumens of white light. It will run for 1.5 hours on a single CR123. Price is a bit hefty at $1349 USD.

    Tactical modes are listed below. 47mW green laser and 3mW IR laser. Both not eye safe at all and not for civilians. But we can imagine what they would look like.

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