[SHOT 2019] HK & Brolis M3 Laser

    At the Military and Law Enforcement section of the Heckler and Koch booth at SHOT Show 2019, there were a number of firearms rocking a new weapon laser with HK markings on them. Later I found out they are made by Brolis Photonics in collaboration with H&K. The Brolis M3 Laser is a European version of a PEQ or DBAL laser.

    They had the laser on an RAL8000 MP7.

    The laser is bundled with a white LED weapon light.

    The laser features a folding front sight.


    It has an IR laser illuminator as well as visible and infrared aiming lasers.

    The large blue switch is for changing from eye safe mode to “let’s make everyone a pirate” non-eye safe laser levels.

    Like the Steiner DBAL, the laser controls are a knob behind the laser module. The large black button sitting behind the laser is for activating the weapon light while the FIRE button on the Brolis M3 is to activate the laser.


    H&K also had the Brolis M3 laser on a G36. This one has what looks like a dual tape switch that appears to activate the light and laser. There is some interesting cable management for the laser.


    On the G28Z, they had an interesting angled grip with integrated laser activation buttons. It looks like the grip also house some batteries but I was unable to discern if it is for storage or if it acts like an extended battery for the laser.

    No mention of price but will be available soon on https://brolis-lasers.com/ but the site is too new and is under construction. They have a facebook page and Instagram that appear to have just been created with the launch of the Brolis M3 laser. Considering it is an H&K product, I suspect it will be super exclusive and not for civilians. But then again Brolis has offices in the UK and Lithuania so maybe they will export into the US?

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