[SHOT 2019] NEW Silencer Tech: Dead Air Armament E Brake – Blast Diverter

    e brake

    Dead Air Armament is known for their small, but impressive portfolio of silencers and they were in attendance at SHOT Show 2019. While they did not have any new silencers for us at this show, they did unveil some new accessories. The most notable one was their New E BRAKE or blast diverter.

    A blast diverter by itself might not be headlining news, but what is cool about the one introduced by Dead Air is the fact that it can be attached to your Dead Air silencer! If you happen to own one of their Nomad, Sandman, or Sandman-K silencers the New E BRAKE can be threaded to the end of your silencer to further divert away noise, gas, and residue. This new blast diverter is not quite listed on Dead Air Armament’s website yet, but here is a short and concise rundown of the new product:

    • 4140 Steel Heat Treated
    • Nitride Finish
    • Mates with Nomad, Sandman & Sandman-K (will cover more models in the future)
    • Mitigates Recoil (highly dependent on weapon system, ammunition & action type)
    • MSRP $89.99

    e brake

    To install the New E BRAKE to your Nomad, Sandman or Sandman-K you simply un-thread your silencer’s front cap and replace it with the blast diverter. While silencers alone do a tremendous job of mitigating recoil, directing noise away from the shooter, and cutting down on residue expulsion, this New E BRAKE will aid in all of those areas even more.

    If you have ever used a blast diverter before you know they can be tremendously helpful tools when they are constructed well. Understanding Dead Air Armament’s meticulous nature, we would not expect anything less than a good product from them.

    So what do our silencer and blast diverter owners think of this? Is it something that you would be willing to try or add to your existing Dead Air silencer? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

    e brake

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