[Shot 2019] Capstone Precision Group

    The top brands in precision

    Most readers have probably never heard of Capstone Precision Group, but if they are at all involved in precision shooting and reloading they have most certainly heard of the companies within the group.



    Lapua is known for making what most regard to be the best brass on the market.  Their projectiles, while not the most streamline, are very consistent and have been the choice of champions for many years.  This year Lapua has released brass for the 6mm Creedmoor as well as new loaded ammo offerings for the 6.5 Creedmoor.

    Lapua 6mm Creedmoor brass.



    Berger bullets started back in 1955 when Walt Berger, desiring a greater level of consistency, started drawing his own projectiles.  Since then Burger bullets have been winning competitions in the benchrest and long-range shooting disciplines.  This year they have started to dabble in the world of monolithic projectiles.  Whereas traditional bullets are a copper jacket drawn over a lead core monolithics are made from one solid piece turned down on a lathe.  Berger is now producing 379gr and 407gr projectiles which were designed in conjunction with the .375 EnABELR cartridge.  Lastly, Berger took offering their own loaded ammo, which used to be Applied Ballistics Munitions.  Their move from California to Arizona may have delayed some of their production, but as of SHOT it seems that they have worked through most of their growing pains.

    Berger products

    .375 EnABELR



    SK ammunition is a long time manufacturer of high-quality rimfire ammunition.  With the increasing popularity of events like the NRL-22it is only logical that would market towards that crowd.  This year they started offering “Long Range Match” as part of their line-up.  An interesting fact I learned about SK is the way the various lines are designated.  I was told that SK manufactures an entire pallet of ammo then tests a sample of it.  If the test ammo performs at the highest standards it becomes match ammo, if it is only mediocre it becomes the bulk ammo.  According to the individual telling me this SK has been running short of bulk ammo as of late, which I take to be a good sign for their product.




    Named after the town in Finland where the powder is produced Vihtavuori the company has been making gunpowder for nearly 100 years.  It is known to be very clean burning, even including a decoppering agent into most of the powders.  They claim a low sensitivity to temperature and high lot to lot consistency.  Finally with their N500 series of powder they add nitroglycerine to their single base powder to reach a higher energy content for the same volume.

    For more information about Capstone Precision Group and their products please visit: http://www.capstonepg.com/