[SHOT 2019] Magnetospeed Riflekühl, UPOD and T250 Hit Indicator

    Magnetospeed, the makers of the magnetic field chronographs have come out with three new items at SHOT Show 2019. Their Riflekühl barrel cooler is for competition shooters and can help save time between shooting strings. Their U-Pod is an evolution of the Magnetospeed mono pod and now they have a smaller and more affordable target hit indicator targeted for closer range steel games.


    As the name suggests, the Riflekühl helps cool down your barrel. While there are barrel coolers out on the market, many of them have some problems and so Magnetospeed decided to make their own.

    While they do not have a number for how much volume of air the Riflekühl pushes, it is a significant breeze. You could use this to dust your keyboard. It is a significant amount of speed and volume of air being pushed.

    In their testing they were able to bring a 140°F barrel down to 60°F in just 5 mins of using the Riflekühl. The Riflekühl is not just limited to competition shooters. Imagine if you are at the range and getting some load data and you shoot ten strings. Using the Riflekühl you could cool down your barrel faster and save 4 minutes between each session. That will save you 36 mins or 40 mins if you use the Riflekühl to cool down the barrel after your last string. That is a significant amount of time saved.

    The Riflekühl uses a single CR123 battery and has user replaceable filters so you wont blow dust and debris down your barrel. It will retail for just $59.99.

     Magnetospeed UPOD

    Last year’s Shot Show 2018 we saw prototypes of the universal monopod. The UPOD was developed based on their M-Series grip monopod. Some shooters were not willing to switch their grips just to utilize their monopod so here is the UPOD. The final version UPOD is compatible with any popular grip with a hollow cavity such as Hogue, Magpul, A2 etc.

    The UPOD comes with a number of spacers. You test fit the UPOD with the spacers to find the right one that fits in your preferred pistol grip. Once installed the UPOD functions just like their regular monopod. There is a red button for rapid deployment and a thumb wheel for fine adjustment. It will retail for $79.99


    T250 Target Hit Indicator

    The T250 is a smaller version of the T1000 target hit indicator.  The T250 uses plastic light pipes rather than the rubber prism of the T1000. They are cheaper to produce and replace. They are spaced apart enough that a bullet should not be able to take out two of them at the same time. Unless you are shooting at some odd angle.


    Unlike the T1000, the T250s are programmable with a series of different settings. They are game based. You can set how long the lights stay on or how many hits it takes to activate or shut them off. As you can see in the photo below the have three game modes. Dueling tree is as it sounds. Shoot them and they will turn on or off. So you set a timer and you and a buddy shoot the plates all with T250s and see who has hit the most in the given amount of time. You can program for training purposes like multiple hits to be neutralized etc.

    The T250 will retail for the same price as the T1000 but you will get 2x T250 hit indicators for $150. In the video above, they mentioned that the T250 is user programmable. However it is not as clunky as the T1000 with the dip switches. They are working on an app for your phones and rather than use bluetooth or wifi, the app will use a special tone to program the T250 hit indicators. This way you can program one device at a time rather than try to find the specific T250 you want to program via a long list of bluetooth or wifi devices. Magnetospeed will be upgrading their T1000 to this same setup but the programmablity is not going to be a significant difference between the orginal T1000 and the new versions.


    Check out Magnetospeed.com for more info.

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