[SHOT 2019] Griffin Armament Goes Glock + New Suppressors

    Griffin Armament

    Griffin Armament quietly announced a line of tubeless silencers at last week’s SHOT Show. Named the EXPLORR, the lightweight cans come in 300RUM, 6.5CM and .224, feature Griffins QD mounting system and sports a smaller footprint than other options. The Watertown, WI based company also released the 30-SDK as a ‘5.56mm-sized silencer with 30 caliber performance’. And even though they were introduced later last year, I finally got to lay hands on their new GLOCK barrels with the Minimalist Carry Compensator. The thread on device is like a thread protector with benefits.

    Details, specifications and links can be found below.

    [SHOT 2019] Griffin Armament Goes Glock + New Suppressors

    Griffin Armament Explorr

    EXPLORR suppressors in 6.5 and .300RUM rated models are 12.7ounce weight 6.4″ OAL, tubeless welded 17-4 PH suppressors, capable of 139DB 308 MIL-STD Muzzle average and 136.5DB 6.5 Creedmore, 135DB 5.56mm performance.  EXPLORR suppressors utilize the proven Griffin Taper mount system for accurate alignment and consistent flawless performance.  The concept for the Explorr line was to provide 5.56mm sized suppressors of minimal weight that punched like 308 mid size flag ships which are 1.25″ longer and several ounces heavier.

    The EXPLORR suppressors come with the new Griffin Taper mount Tactical compensator, a 2 piece robot welded, high performance muzzle control device weighing 2.5 ounces.

    The EXPLORR .224 model is 5.9″ OAL 11.5 ounces weight, and provides 135DB attenuation with 140DB @right ear sound performance on AR15’s.

    The 30-SDK, new to the gate locked lineup is approximately 6.75″ OAL, 17.5 ounce weight, and features improved performance patented baffles which provide ~140DB performance in 308, 135DB performance in 5.56mm, and again emphasize 5.56mm sized, .308 capable performance for less compromised multi-caliber performance.

    The flash suppressor front cap for Griffin 9mm and 45 caliber suppressors brings Type 07 FFL / SOT’s the ability to make their own wipes with common McMaster Carr generic standard industrial hand tools and materials.

    Griffin Armament Paladin 5


    The Paladin 5 suppressor brings Griffin’s patented User serviceable spring locking front cap equipped taper mount suppressor to 5.56mm size and weight at 6.2″ OAL and 12.5 ounce weight using a 17-4 and 6AL4V titanium components.

    Griffin Armament M1 CQB


    The Griffin MK1 CQB pistol features an 8.5″ 300BLK or 223 Wylde chambered barrel and a full complement of Griffin Upgrade AR15 components-  Griffin Muzzle device, Enhanced BCG, SNACH Ambi Charging handle, Ambi selector kit, Suppressor Optimized Buffer, QD latch plate, M2 Micro Modular BUIS, 416R HEDP barrel and pinned PRIMO low pro block, Griffin Low Profile rail.  The Griffin A3 grip, enhanced trigger guard, and Rail Shield panel furniture kit complete the features.

    Griffin Armament GLOCK Barrels and Micro Carry Compensators


    The Griffin Advanced Threaded Match Barrels for Glock 19 and 17 Gen 3,4, and 5, as well as G43, Sig 320 Full size and compact, and M&P full sized pistols come with Griffin’s new Micro Carry Compensator- a 0.200″ length added accessory for these threaded barrels.


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