[SHOT 2019] Sig Sauer Range Day – Copperhead, Canebrake, Rattler

    Sig Sauer Range Day

    On the Sunday before this year’s SHOT Show, TFB and TFBTV were invited to attend the Sig Sauer Range Day at the Clark County Shooting Complex about 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas. The complex itself was incredible, with bays that catered to every type of shooter imaginable. Sig had arranged for a type of ‘Opening Ceremony’ that was an awesome display of former special operations guys dropping in via parachute and assaulting a group of autonomous motorized targets. The MCX-outfitted unit was backed up by a team of former soldiers and law enforcement officer from the Sig Sauer academy. The sweet display of force lasted about 20 minutes followed by an analysis of the the guns, gear and tactics used by each of the operators.

    SHOT 2019 Sig Sauer Range Day – Copperhead, Canebrake, 5.56 Rattler

    One look at at the Clark County Shooting Complex and you realize why Sig needs their own range day. Every booth was filled with rifles, pistols, suppressors, optics, air guns and a sh*t ton of ammunition.

    Sig Sauer Academy Trainers

    Air-Dropped Suppressed Sig Rattlers in 300BLK

    Sig Electo-Optics onboard.

    Sig Sauer MCX Rattler5.56mm


    I love TFB. I love Sig Sauer. But I’ll be damned if I punish myself with a 5.56mm carbine with a 5.5” barrel, no matter how sexy the weapon. All joking aside, shooters have been requesting the 5.56 Rattler and upper receiver group since its initial announcement more than a year ago. Besides the caliber, this new version varies from the 300BLK PDW with a slightly longer handguard and a permanently installed muzzle device that appears to accept either a flash hider or brake attachment. However, swapping out for a quick disconnect silencer attachment is not possible at this time. The new pistol MCX’s also sport the rotating, clamshell-style pistol stabilizing brace from Sig, explained in more detail below.

    I happen to really love my Rattler in 300BLKespecially suppressed.


    When I first saw Sig’s announcement of the MCX Canebrake, my first question was, ‘why the faux can?’. But then something clicked and it all made sense. Rather than shooters having to buy an MCX and later on having to buy and swap handguards, Sig ships the entire package ready to rock. When your stamp clears for your silencer, as suppressor god John Hollister says, ‘take off the fake can and throw it in the garbage’. The Canebrake handguards will be available to existing Rattler owners sometime in the near future.

    Speaking of Sig Suppressors and John Hollister, I included both these gems in last week’s Silencer Saturday where Hollister helps to clarify some misnomers regarding suppressing the Rattler. Click on the image below to read more.

    Remember, because the Canebrake is a pistol, the faux suppressor is only threaded on, not pin and welded.

    Sig Sauer Rangeday

    The detached faux suppressor that ships with Sig’s Canebrake.

    The new PSB from Sig is well designed: the forearm strap is tucked away inside the brace attachment. The whole attachment also rotates to accommodate movement in the shooters forearm while deployed as a brace.

    The black handguard portion is what makes the Canebrke different than a standard Rattler.

    SignSauer Electro-Optics

    One of the more surprising finds at the Sig Sauer Range Day was the Romeo 8T from Sig’s Electro-Optics division. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to find my next optics purchase amid a sea of rifles and pistols. But the Romeo 8T has glass and features that are very impressive in such a small package: Titanium shield, 10 year battery life, four on-the-fly reticle choices and a small profile has me wondering if other optics manufacturers will be able to keep up. Look for a review of the Romeo 8T in the coming weeks here at TFB.


    Sig Sauer Electro-optics ROMEO8H/T

    • 1X38MM
    • SOR81001 (BLACK) Available in FDE
    • RETICLES: Ballistic Circle-Dot/Ballistic Circle-Plex
    • 2 MOA Dot with Ballistic Holds/Adjustable Brightness Settings (10 day/2NV)
    • CR123A Battery Lasts up to 10yrs (Medium Dot Setting)
    • Dependable Waterproof (IPX7 Rated for Complete Water Immersion up to 1M and fog proof performance
    • Slim Design for Low Profile Footprint

    Sig Sauer MCX Copperhead

    I was able to get the straight scoop from the Copperhead development team on why the pistol has a muzzle device milled directly into the barrel profile. The goal in bringing the Copperhead to market was to have the smallest package possible. So with a 3.5” barrel, taking a muzzle device off would leave the blast area inside the handguard and dangerously close to the shooters hand. While I don’t particularly like the answer I was given, I understand the reasoning and rationale behind it. Sig suggests buying an MPX-K barrel and swapping it in if you’d like to run the Copperhead suppressed.

    Sig Sauer Airguns

    For pest control, training and pure fun, air guns are legitimate kit for when a suppressed .22lr won’t work in your AOR. This was my first chance at handling Sig’s airgun lineup and I was impressed. There were no lines and no waiting to pull triggers in these slots – everyone wants to try the latest and greatest powder burners. But I think we are going to see more airgun reviews at TFB from time to time.

    Sig Sauer Ammunition

    There are a lot of additions and updates to Sig‘ ammo catalog. I’ll publish a separate posting in the next few sayings covering their latest loads.

    Some old standbys were on hand for shooting as well.

    Thanks for the invite Sig. See you next year.


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