[SHOT 2019] V43 Upper Receiver from Victory First

    This is Victory First‘s first appearance at TFB.

    Started in 2012, they provide firearms training and Industry consulting as well as (predominantly) Glock pistol gear.

    You may also recognize Matt from the “Make Ready” videos from Panteao Productions, as well as Trigger Time TV.

    At SHOT Show they will have their new Glock 43 Upper reveiver on display.


    Victory First introducing the V43 Upper Receiver at SHOT Show 2019


    For Immediate Release

    Fredericksburg, Virginia

    Victory First is excited to announce the debut of their V43 Upper Receiver at the 2019 NSSF SHOT Show, January 22 – 25, 2019 in Las Vegas.

    The V43 is a custom-designed and manufactured slide for a stock Glock model 43. The concept that began in 2017 in nearing the final stages of testing and Victory First is shooting for full rate production and shipping to begin in 1st quarter of 2019.
    Matt Jacques, founder and owner of Victory First, explains:

    “The intent of the project was to simply lengthen the slide and barrel to increase the comfort for concealment, specifically when carrying the gun in the appendix region (AIWB). I spend a ton of time with folks discussing why short sight radius guns are so uncomfortable when carrying AIWB. I refer to it as the Lego Principle. Stepping on a Lego wouldn’t hurt if it was the size of your cell phone; short guns hurt because they pinch at your waist. So, we’ve stretched the slide and produced a match barrel to optimize the Glock Model 43.”

    The V43 is a custom, direct drop on slide that is precision machined from 17-4PH Stainless steel that is fitted with OEM Glock components and, as Jacques stated, a match Victory Barrel. The slide is 6.89in. in length and the standard barrel will measure 4.33in. Threaded barrels in industry standard thread pitch will also be available at full rate production.

    Jacques continues.
    “This configuration keeps the frame slim, but gives it a G19-ish sized slide and barrel combo. This will alleviate discomfort felt by folks who love the slim profile of the Model 43 but found it unpleasant to carry. There is the additional benefit of lengthened sight radius and increased barrel length, both of which improve accuracy and performance. We have prototype samples of slides for direct mounting various red dot optics, so yes, we’ll be offering those as well.”


    Below: “This was an early portrait of where I envisioned it to be. I will be honored to unveil it at Shot Show. The V43 slide. A direct drop on long slide for a factory Glock model 43.

    Below: One of the display guns for Shot Show with a complete new upper with an RMR06 Type 2, Surefire X300U and threaded Victory barrel.


    Visit Victory First online at http://www.victory-first.com


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