[SHOT 2019] Kel-Tec and M-Carbo team up on Special Edition upgraded Sub-2000’s

    A thousand 2000’s

    Are regular Kel-Tecs not elusive enough for you?  M-Carbo (Military Carbine Brotherhood) is now officially partnered up with Kel-Tec in the production of 1000 special edition SUB-2000’s.  These SUB-2000’s will come with a special quick-flip optic mount that accommodates for full folding of the SUB-2000.  Other upgrades include:

    • Improved flip sights
    • Muzzle brake
    • Metal triggerguard
    • Full match trigger job and metal trigger
    • Extended magazine release
    • Bolt tube
    • Shock absorbent bolt tube cover
    • Choice of Upgraded charging handle (including one that increases bolt weight and reduces felt recoil)
    • Bolt buffer

    The optic mount is really pretty neat.  Seen here in the white, it has a finely machined release trigger that when pressed, cams the optic 90 degrees out of the way.  It attaches via the existing screw holes on the side of the handguard, and affixes to the left hand side.

    LH Optic mount view


    RH optic mount view. Also note major differences between the stock black SUB-2000 on the left and the special edition on the right.

    The charging handles customers can choose from are a longer version that allows for gripping with two fingers, a standard length skeletonized handle with wider grip surface, and a heavy version that increases weight of the bolt by 2.2oz.  This heavy “recoilless” handle is purported to slow the bolt down, reducing recoil as much as 68%.

    cocking tube upgrades

    Upgraded cocking tube, cocking tube cover and cocking handle

    I handled an fully upgraded SUB-2000 next to a bone stock one, and there is no question of the multiple tangible improvements.  Most noticeable is the vastly improved trigger.  It’s crisp and clean with a short pre-travel and reset.

    Upgrades for other Kel-Tecs

    M-Carbo makes upgrades for other Kel-Tecs as well, including:

    • P3AT/P32
    • PF9
    • P11
    • PLR-16
    • RDB
    • KSG/KS7

    On display was their KSG “Target Trigger”.  While “target” is a strange term to use in conjunction with the KSG, I was very impressed by this trigger.  Trying it side by side with a standard KSG, there is no question that M-Carbo’s machined 6061 aluminum trigger tuned for pre-travel is a vast improvement.  It even eliminates “trigger flex” from the KSG’s plastic trigger. (Something I didn’t know was a thing but sounds horrible)


    KSG/KS7 trigger

    If one lacks the basic gunsmithing skills or time to install M-Carbo’s various parts on a Kel-Tec, don’t despair.  M-Carbo and Kel-Tec have an official parts installation program performed at Kel-Tec’s factory to facilitate this.

    For more information, including pricing and release date of the Special Edition SUB-2000’s, keep an eye on M-Carbo and Kel-Tec.

    Rusty S.

    Having always had a passion for firearms, Rusty S. has had experience in gunsmithing, firearms retail, hunting, competitive shooting, range construction, as an IDPA certified range safety officer and a certified instructor. He has received military, law enforcement, and private training in the use of firearms. Editor at Outdoorhub.com