[SHOT 2019] Revision Outdoor Advanced Eyewear

    Revision outdoor

    I preach the gospel of hearing preservation through the use of silencers (and/or over-the-ear muffs) to all of our readers on a regular basis. Shameless plug: Catch TFB’s Silencer Saturday every, well, Saturday, here on the blog. But maybe we should be just as adamant about protecting our vision. A quality pair of sunglasses is a lot like picking out a top tier optic: when you find the right glass it’s almost mind blowing. Revision Outdoor, the sibling to Revision Military, was recently launched to bring advanced eyewear to hunters, shooters and outdoorsmen in styles that don’t scream law enforcement or military.

    Above: Garrett, owner/operator of Strike Industries tries out a few pairs of the new Revision Outdoor eyewear.

    The good people at Revision Outdoor stoped by our booth at this year’s SHOT Show Industry Range Day to demo their new glasses. While I’ll be the first to admit that the styles of some of the models didn’t really  fit “my look”, the quality, clarity and colors while looking through the lenses was absolutely superb. I was genuinely impressed.

    Pricing starts I the mid $200 range. Details, specifications and links to ordering information can be found below.

    [SHOT 2019] Revision Outdoor Advanced Eyewear


    Your eyes are everything when on the hunt, so we make sure our eyewear provides flawless optics, protects your sight, and enhances your vision whenever possible. We started with the premise that this eyewear should meet the high standards that we are used to meeting for our Military customers because, well, your eyes are worth it.

    Revision eyewear meets ANSI Z87.1 optical requirements—the optical standard of choice for the U.S. Military. Our lenses are engineered to ensure no distortion of optics across the surface of the lens. Revision’s flawless optics mean distortion and fuzziness are eliminated. What you see is where you see it.

    Our OcuMax® AF multi-layer coating system is optimized for the unique set of conditions that you face on the hunt:

    • Interior of lenses are coated with an anti-fog treatment that absorbs and disperses moisture across a wide surface area to prevent fogging. Our coating far exceeds EN 166 standards for resistance to fogging, so that you don’t miss anything, even when conditions get hot or humid.
    • Exterior water and oil-repellent coating provides an extra protective layer against dust particles, helps shed water, and makes smudges easy to wipe away.
    • We make sure that our coating is strong enough to pass U.S. military standard for resistance to scratching and chemicals. If it can withstand jet fuel and DEET, we think it will do just fine in your sweaty hands.”

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