PDW Brace for the CZ EVO by SB Tactical

    As one of our readers kindly reminded us, we had forgotten that SB Tactical released a PDW-styled brace for the CZ EVO S1 Scorpion Pistol.

    Priced at $279.99 it offers 3 different positions for the stock and is ATF compliant., Made in the USA.

    The CZPDW Brace Includes: complete assembly and an adjustable nylon strap and is ready to install.

    The design is “pull-through” allowing the user to quickly extend the brace without having to depress the button.

    The material is 6061 with a hard-coat anodized housing and an integral QD sling point.


    PRESS RELEASE: SB Tactical® Releases the CZPDW™ Pistol Stabilizing Brace® – Ultimate Upgrade for the CZ Scorpion EVO S1 Pistol

    Saint Petersburg, Fla. (December 10, 2018) – SB Tactical®, inventors and manufacturers of the Pistol Stabilizing Brace®, is now shipping the CZPDW™. Designed specifically for the CZ Scorpion EVO S1 pistol, the CZPDW offers three-position adjustability with a fast and convenient pull-through design. The CZPDW greatly enhances the usability of the firearm by adding a third point of contact for stabilization and does not change the classification of a pistol in accordance with GCA provisions.

    “The CZPDW will make the popular CZ Scorpion EVO S1 pistol perform even better,” said Alex Bosco, inventor and CEO of SB Tactical. “The speed and ease of adjustability will allow the shooter to custom fit the perfect point of contact for maximum control and accuracy.”

    The CZPDW is provided as a complete assembly, ready-to-install, and utilizes the established Manticore Arms Scorpion Evo Slider Stock housing that is made of 6061 hard-coat anodized aluminum and features an integral QD sling attachment. Offered in black and FDE, the CZPDW weighs 13.1 ounces and measures 3.25” collapsed, 7.0” at mid-point, and 9.25” fully extended. The CZPDW is BATFE compliant, veteran-designed, and proudly manufactured in the USA.

    Yes, you can get it in FDE as well as Black.

    About SB Tactical

    SB Tactical®, the originator of the Pistol Stabilizing Brace® and manufacturers of industry-leading firearms accessories, is setting the bar for innovation and product development in the PDW Pistol category. The SB Tactical line of products is veteran designed, BATFE compliant, and manufactured in the U.S.A. For more information on the brand’s growing line of products for multiple firearms platforms, visit www.sb-tactical.com.


    For more information head directly to the CZPWD product page: https://www.sb-tactical.com/product/czpdw/

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