[SHOT 2019] Accuracy Solutions F.A.S.T chassis and BipodeXT

    “Necessity is the mother of invention”  This was certainly the case for Daniel Gyurec.  At the show, he told me about the instigating event for the creation of the bipodeXT.  He was out shooting with a friend, and as it often does, it turned into a friendly competition, which he lost.  He said losing wasn’t so bad but it was the fact he just couldn’t get his rifle as stable as he wanted that bugged him.  The epiphany hit a few days later when he was watching an action movie.  The main character was using the edge of a building as a front rest, but with most of the rifle hanging over the edge creating a teeter-totter effect.  Gyurec though to himself how much more stable this position would be if the rifle were rested more towards the muzzle.  Days later he had a “rough”(read pipe and duct tape) proof of concept affixed to his rifle and was seeing improved stability.  A few years later his design has been refined and expanded into the products pictured here.

    The inventor with his brainchild.

    BipodeXT TAC III is 14″-28″ weighs < 33 oz. and has an OD of 40mm for suitable rigidity.  MSRP $595.00

    Below is the new Fontcuberta Advanced Sniper and Tactical (F.A.S.T) chassis.  This was developed in cooperation with Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta, a sniper instructor, competition shooter and the match director for the King of 2-mile event.  It represents a streamlined integration of the bipodeXT concept.  This setup allows for a low bore axis and a bipod apex that is above the center-line bore.  Both of these traits lead to improved lateral stability. The F.A.S.T chassis is not yet commercially available.

    Notice the low bore axis

    Moving the pivot point reduces both verticle and horizontal wiggle.


    Gyurec also devised this nice cam system to showcase the effects of moving the pivot point and thus extending the length of the arm on the lever.   A laser was attached to each rifle to show point of aim. The toe of each rifle was moving up and down on a cam.  The rifle with bipodeXT exhibited approximately 70% less verticle deflection.

    Proving system


    For more information about the bipodeXT or the F.A.S.T chassis visit https://accuracysolutions.com/