[SHOT 2019] Innovative Arms The Deception X, Prototypes And More


    Marching through the Sands Expo Center for a week can be a seemingly never-ending grind. From an outsider’s point of view, SHOT is an sea of new guns and gear, but the reality is that it is also a maze of wheeled luggage and cheap knives, lubricants and ballistic nylon. But one of the many reasons I love the silencer industry so much Is that by legal definition, NFA items must be manufactured in the United States. And the the team at Innovative Arms is a prime example of a U.S. company making quality products and providing excellent customer service. I was lucky enough to spend time with IA talking about the new Deception X, a prototype MPX integral silencer and the sneaky M&P15-22.

    I know you all are going to want more information on the sharp looking MPX silencer prototype, but unfortunately I have no details regarding future availability. At a $699 MSRP, the Deception X is bound to be an affordable performer with a small footprint. And take a look at the M&P15-22 Integral – with a tube that mimics the fluted barrel of a standard S&W rifle and a muzzle threaded 1/2×28 with an A2 flash hider, you’d be hard-pressed to notice it was suppressed until you pulled the trigger.

    We hope to bring you reviews of IA products on upcoming editions of TFB’s Silencer Saturday.

    Deception X 300BLK

    The DECEPTION-X is a shorter 5″ version of the popular 7.6” Deception 7.62 silencer. It’s for those that want the Deception 7.62, but desire a very short .300 blk specific unit. The DECEPTION-X is a direct thread on, and has a one piece core that is machined from billet bar stock. It is .300 blk full auto rated on barrels down to 6″ and has wrench flats that allow easy pin and weld for shorter barrels. The DECEPTION-X is built for .300 blk, but is also rated for multiple calibers including: 7.62, .308, .300blk, 6.8, .260, 6.5, .243, 6mm. 5.56 on down. Additional adapter is required for use on barrels threaded 1/2-28. Not rated for 300 WM or user serviceable.

    MPX Integral Prototype (No ETA)

    M&P1522 Integral

    Available in a standard 16.25″ overall barrel/silencer length, or as an SBR. The SBR version is a two tax stamp firearm.  All of our integral firearms feature a one piece billet core that is machined from 17-4ph stainless steel and are user serviceable. Each integral comes with a tool, however, you can also use any standard 3/8 drive wrench. No need to buy subsonic ammo to be stealth quiet, our unique design gives you subsonic velocities with standard and high velocity ammunition. See below for more information, including pricing and how to order.


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