[SHOT 2019] B&T GLOCK Chassis And GHM9 Sport Carbine

    Glock Chassis

    Ah Swiss precision, there’s almost nothing sexier in the firearms world. B&T does an excellent job at making practical and useful guns into a sort of industrial art. For example, many pistol caliber carbines that utilize GLOCK magazines end up looking a horrendous bicycle-meets-train road accident. However, the APC9 PRO with a GLOCK lower is, in my opinion, as about as good as it gets it terms of overall aesthetics. And making a clamp-on style chassis for a GLOCK pistol has the potential for a scarred up horror flick villain look that even Tapco wouldn’t love. But, set a Swiss engineer on the case, and suddenly you quickly have a winning design. The practicality and functionality of a larger framed GLOCK chassis still remains to be seen, however.

    B&T Glock Chassis

    Manuel from Palm Beach Tactical checks out the new B&T GLOCK Chassis

    State of the art engineering competences enable B&T to create and produce the optimal possible tactical solutions for weapon systems. When B&T started in 1991, suppressors were the first product the company produced. Users of suppressors very often needed special optical sights on their weapons, so optical sight mounts for tactical weapons soon became a second product line.

    To complement this, B&T introduced a line of Tactical Rail Handguards (TRH), thus increasing the modularity of modern firearms, adapting them to accept laser sights, night vision devices, illumination systems, brass catchers and more.

    Many customers would also come to us asking for suitable weapon platforms that were not available from other manufacturers. In summer 2004 B&T started to produce its own line of complete weapons, these include:

    • MP9 9mm submachine gun
    • APR308/338 sniper rifle
    • GL06 40mm grenade launcher
    • APC9 submachine gun
    • APC556/APC300 police carbine
    • APC223 sporting rifle
    • VP9 veterinarian pistol
    • SPR300 urban sniping rifle

    As different as these weapons are, they all have something in common; these weapons are genuinely modular, offering many interfaces to accept all accessories that your missions may require.


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