SILENCER SATURDAY #57: 2019 SHOT Show Suppressors

    Shot Show Suppressors

    Good afternoon my hush-happy friends and welcome back to another episode of TFB’s Silencer Saturday, where the quietest day of the week is the one where you spin on a suppressor. Today we have a rundown on most of the 2019 SHOT Show suppressors seen on the show floor, industry range day, Sig’s range day, and in the middle of the desert at a remote location. Unfortunately today’s recap is not all inclusive: our 20+ writers are still busy cranking out posts from their hard-earned week in Las Vegas, NV. Whatever we miss today, will show up in next week’s Silencer Saturday report.

    SILENCER SATURDAY #57: 2019 SHOT Show Suppressors

    As fun as the NSSF SHOT Show is every year, it’s a brutal marathon of creating gun content, meetings, catching up with friends you may see once or twice a year, and the occasional handling of actual firearms. While my personal passion is silencers and suppressed weapons systems, my primary role here at TFB is ensuring that our writers and reviewers are set up with content for the months ahead. As such, I didn’t get to see everyone and everything on my list. But there are some exciting things coming up for this year.

    Sig Sauer:

    I had the pleasure of starting off SHOT Week with silencer legend John Hollister of Sig Sauer. Besides talking about Sig’s new modular pistol silencers, the MOD-X9/MOD-X45, we spent some time debunking a few silencer myths.

    “The Rattler should not be suppressed” – FALSE

    Unnamed social media influencers have been regurgitating a line that was misspoken by a Sig Sauer international division employee. While the select fire version of the Rattler was designed to be as small as possible and the gas system may negatively effect the cyclic rate, the semiautomatic/commercial/civilian version can be suppressed all day, everyday if a shooter chooses to do so. Hollister recommends a steel alloy sig suppressor over a titanium model. However a Ti can will last about as long as a Rattlers barrel – 10K-14K rounds – before suppression performance is negatively effected.

    “The 300BLK cartridge was designed for a nine inch barrel”  – FALSE

    As we have discussed in prior articles, the original 300BLK weapon, AAC’s Honey Badger was built as a direct replacement for the MP5SD for special operations units. The requirements set forth for the project stated that the new weapon needed to match or beat the specifications of the MP5SD. As it happens, when the barrel length and the suppressor length were added up for the overall length, the barrel was nine inches. Hollister’s 300BLK barrel of choice, if he could pick only one, would be an 11” sitting on the MCX platform. But, depending on the mission, a 5.5” barrel is perfectly capable of handling real work.

    As for the the MODX9 and MOD-45, they seem quiet at full length, light, and disassemble easily when needed. I’m looking forward to shooting more than just 10 rounds through a test unit on an upcoming Silencer Saturday.

    The MCX Rattler Canebrake is the newest addition to the MCX family.  Created for those that desire the MCX as a suppressed system, and eliminates the need to purchase additional components to do so.  The Rattler Canebrake comes with a factory installed inert training device, making it operable right out of the box while NFA paperwork and waiting periods are completed, and then is easily convertible to run suppressed.

    The MCX Rattler Canebrake comes as a suppressor ready platform with an SD handguard and inert training device that mimics the size and weight of the SIGSRD762 suppressor and assure all muzzle flash is past the shooters hand when reaching out on the handguard during operation without a functional suppressor installed.   With the MCX Rattler Canebrake there’s no need for the purchase of a shorter barrel kit and SD Handguard to have a suppressed MCX system, simply unthread the inert training device, install your suppressor, and select the appropriate gas setting for your ammunition.

    Additional features of the MCX Rattler Canebrake include a 2-stage flat-blade match trigger, Cerakote E190 finished upper and lower, a folding coyote-tan PCB, and comes with one 30-round polymer 300blk Magpul™ magazine.


    SHOT Show Suppressors: Surefire SOCOM300-Ti

    SHOT Show Suppressors: Surefire SOCOM300-Ti

    The SOCOM300-Ti enhances Surefire’s exceptional titanium suppressor line by providing the ultimate lightweight suppressor for 7.62 mm bolt action rifles.

    Constructed of lightweight titanium, the SOCOM300-Ti weighs just 11 ounces, minimizing impact on weapon handling characteristics while adhering to our no-compromise strength and durability standards. It is expertly designed and engineered to meet and exceed military sniper rifle suppressor specifications, making it an excellent suppressor choice for the 7.62 mm round.

    The SOCOM300-Ti’s robust internal design is the same that SureFire engineered to win the most rigorous and demanding suppressor trials in United States Special Operations Command history. Our innovative venting technology evenly distributes thermodynamic gases, greatly reducing pressure impulse effects on the projectile as it clears the muzzle. And because it bears the SOCOM name, you can be sure that the SOCOM300- Ti delivers tremendous reductions in sound, flash and dust signature; first- round flash is virtually undetectable.

    Precision manufacturing tolerances, strict attention to bore concentricity and suppressor alignment result in a suppressor that minimizes group size and point-of-impact shift compared to an unsuppressed weapon. And our patented Fast-Attach® mounting system provides fast, tool-less installation and removal.

    Built for consistent performance and a long service life, every SureFire suppressor is proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA

    • CALIBER: 7.62 mm
    • CONSTRUCTION: Titanium Alloy
    • COATING: DLC and CerakoteTM Finish
    • DIAMETER: 1.5 in (3.8 cm)
    • LENGTH: 7.9 in (20.1 cm)
    • ADDED TO WEAPON: 5.4 in (13.7 cm)
    • WEIGHT: 11.0 oz (312 g)

    Silencer Saturday: SF Ryder 9-Ti2

    SureFire has created a new, sleeker high-performance 9mm suppressor, the SF RYDER 9-Ti2, the next generation in thread-on suppressors for pistols and rifles. Building on our years of expertise in developing the ultimate suppressors, the SF RYDER 9-Ti2 features a re-engineered titanium outer tube for increased rigidity and durability. Inside, the RYDER 9-Ti2’s proprietary U.S. mill-certified stainless-steel baffles include a redesigned interface for increased accuracy and performance. Heat-treated for added durability, these baffles are numbered to permit easy disassembly, simple cleaning and easy reassembly every time. SureFire’s patent-pending booster assembly also ensures accurate suppressor alignment for improved reliability, and it features an anti-friction coating for increased performance. Titanium outer components reduce overall suppressor weight for minimal effect on weapon handling, and a high-temperature Cerakote finish — available in two colors — coats the SF RYDER 9-Ti2 for abrasion resistance. Built to the same exacting standards as our battle-proven SOCOM Fast-Attach® suppressors, the SureFire SF RYDER 9-Ti2 is proudly made in the USA.

    • CALIBER: 9 mm
    • CONSTRUCTION: Titanium Tube, Front Plate, Rear Cap, Stainless Steel Baffles
    • COATING: Cerakote Finish
    • DIAMETER: 1.25 in (3.2 cm)
    • LENGTH: 7.8 in (19.8 cm)
    • ADDED TO WEAPON: 7.4 in (18.8 cm)
    • WEIGHT: 10 oz (283 g)

    Griffin Armament:

    The flash suppressor front cap for Griffin 9mm and 45 caliber suppressors brings Type 07 FFL / SOT’s the ability to make their own wipes with common McMaster Carr generic standard industrial hand tools and materials.

    The Paladin 5 suppressor brings Griffin’s patented User serviceable spring locking front cap equipped taper mount suppressor to 5.56mm size and weight at 6.2″ OAL and 12.5 ounce weight using a 17-4 and 6AL4V titanium components.

    The 30-SDK, new to the gate locked lineup is approximately 6.75″ OAL, 17.5 ounce weight, and features improved performance patented baffles which provide ~140DB performance in 308, 135DB performance in 5.56mm, and again emphasize 5.56mm sized, .308 capable performance for less compromised multi-caliber performance.

    EXPLORR suppressors in 6.5 and .300RUM rated models are 12.7ounce weight 6.4″ OAL, tubeless welded 17-4 PH suppressors, capable of 139DB 308 MIL-STD Muzzle average and 136.5DB 6.5 Creedmore, 135DB 5.56mm performance.  EXPLORR suppressors utilize the proven Griffin Taper mount system for accurate alignment and consistent flawless performance.  The concept for the Explorr line was to provide 5.56mm sized suppressors of minimal weight that punched like 308 mid size flag ships which are 1.25″ longer and several ounces heavier. The EXPLORR suppressors come with the new Griffin Taper mount Tactical compensator, a 2 piece robot welded, high performance muzzle control device weighing 2.5 ounces. The EXPLORR .224 model is 5.9″ OAL 11.5 ounces weight, and provides 135DB attenuation with 140DB @right ear sound performance on AR15’s.

    Tactical Solutions:

    Yankee Hill Machine:

    Thompson Machine:

    I had a great time catching up with the Thompson Machine crew. We will be getting some models to review here on Silencer Saturday shortly and I already have the perfect host in mind for their new TINY silencer.

    I’ll have a post here on TFB specific to Thompson Machine in the next few days. Be patient.

    Energetic Armament:

    Silencer Saturday. Energetic Armament – Click for the full story

    Silencer Saturday. Energetic Armament – Click for the full story

    Silencer Saturday: Mad Minute Suppressors

    Silencer Saturday: Mad Minute Suppressors

    Mad Minute Suppressors offer a leap in performance, employing advanced technology and innovative design. Our focus is on first responders, operators, and warfighters. Our mission is to deliver the best suppressors available, capable of enhancing operator effectiveness and safety, reducing shooter detection, and maximizing lifecycle value.

    Strike Industries

    Our friends at Strike are always brewing something up. Check out these baffles held together with magnets.

    Delta P Design

    Published on Jan 26, 2019 – TFBTV

    Delta P Designs has developed a 3D printed suppressor for the M2 50 caliber machine gun. It suppresses the sound to the point of being hearing safe while standing right next the weapon! Pretty cool stuff. Check it out.

    Dead Air + Noveske; Pappas + Reeves

    Published on Jan 23, 2019 – TFBTV

    In this episode of TFBTV, James shares a honey bun with the always-festive Mike Pappas of Dead Air to talk about a prototype Noveske Submachinegun/Pistol Caliber Carbine/Short barrel rifle that may be coming to market very soon. Dead Air’s Wolf-9SD is featured in the video as well and this suppressor is designed specifically for use on small 9m SMGs just like the impending Noveske option.

    TFB’s Silencer Saturday is brought to you by Sig Sauer


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