[SHOT 2019] A whole lot of NEW from CZ-USA

    Scorpion Bullpup kit

    Manticore Designed Scorpion Bullpup Kit

    no small number

    Looking at CZ-USA’s new product spreadsheet is eye-watering.  There are roughly 75 new CZ firearms for 2019.  Let’s have a look at some of the more prominent selections:

    Bullpup scorpion

    Scorpion Bullpup kit

    Manticore Designed Scorpion Bullpup Kit

    The first thing to catch my eye at CZ’s booth was in fact a kit.  CZ-USA will now sell the Manticore-developed bullpup kit for Scorpion rifles.  Should one be a stamp collector, one can put one’s Scorpion pistol with HB or Manticore handguard into the chassis for a cool little SBR (after completing the appropriate paperwork process).

    Manticore Scorpion Bullpup Kit


    The P10 line is now in full production stateside.  The F, C, and S sizes are available, with corresponding magazine capacities of 19, 15, and 12 rounds.  US produced pistols will now feature a tritium front and orange surround rear sight arrangement.  The magazine release has been changed to a swappable release rather than a full ambidextrous release.  P10’s are also available in all sizes as an optics-ready pistol with the slide cut for an RDS.  Mounting plates can be purchased directly from CZ-USA, and the sights will co-witness.

    On the quieter side of things, all 3 sizes are now available with a threaded barrel for suppressed use.  The 75’s also have a new member: CZ Custom has the CZC A01, with a hammer forged, CNC milled frame and fullest of full dustcovers.  The hefty frame gets this pistol to 3lbs 3.9oz!  Built for competition use, the hammer and sear are pinned in the frame.  DA pull measures at 8lbs, and the SA pull at 3.5.  MSRP is $2247.

    For 2019 at least, the only Bren 2 MS options in the US will be the pistols in 5.56 and 7.62×39 with multiple barrel lengths.  TFB’s Pete has written up a great summary of the pistols here.  


    The new rifle line this year for CZ is the 457.  Available in 8 different trims, including the tiny Scout, the 457  features a 60 degree bolt throw and push-to-fire type safety.  The triggers also are adjustable, and one can swap barrels exactly the same as  (and with previous barrels from) the 455 series.  Optic mounting can be achieved via an 11mm dovetail machined into the receiver.  Another neat new rifle this year is the 527 American Synthetic Suppressor Ready.  It’s a very compact package with a micro length action, and would be good for prospective buyer comparison with the Ruger American Ranch Rifle and the Howa Mini.  Sadly, the Bren 2 BR was not to be seen.


    CZ-USA had two major shotgun developments:  The new 1012 Inertia driven shotgun line, and the Bobwhite G2.  The 1012 line will run very clean, and successfully completed 5000 rounds fired without cleaning with zero parts breakage or malfunctions.  I personally shoot and hunt with inertia shotguns, and I will say this for the 1012:  The bolts seem to not have the Benelli issue of being able to be accidentally bumped out of battery in the field.  The 1012 series is also pretty affordable, and runs between $659-$749 MSRP depending on model.  The Bobwhite G2 is an affordable SXS ($649 MSRP) and now has a CNC machined receiver and a tough black chrome finish.  Available in 12, 20, and 28 gauge, the 28 gauge apparently weighs only 5.5lbs.

    For more details, including weight and price of any models one might be interested in, please visit CZ-USA’s new product page.

    Rusty S.

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