[Shot Show 2019] POLYMER80 Releases .45acp Frame

    I have been speaking with the good folks at Polymer80 for last few weeks about a possible series. I stopped by their booth at range day and found their new release. For you .45acp fans they have come through. They now have an 80% frame for the well-loved (or hated by some) Glock 21. Although it is not on their site yet, I promise it is real. They say it will be available in the next couple of months

    I am sure the majority of our readers are well familiar with 80% receivers, but to for those who do not. Polymer80 will sell you a kit which includes an incomplete receiver, and a jig as well as the bits/blades needed to complete it. All you need is a drill press and patience. Completely legal. ATF letter is at their site. (You can view it here)

    BUT WAIT, (its a one-stop shop for a (pseudo) Glock)

    Polymer80 actually sells everything you need to build your pistol. Barrel, trigger, pins and on and on. Build it how you want it, without having to do any upgrades. I like that. Rarely do I buy a pistol that does not seem to need something, be it a trigger upgrade of some sort or night sights so, you can build what you really want!

    The 80% .45 frame in jig, ready to be created

    I know of a number of people who have bought these kits and have created a pretty nice pistola! Of those, a few say the ergonomics are superior to the original Glock. At range day I was able to put a few dozen rounds down range with their .45. I have to agree for me it is a comfortable handgun. I enjoyed shooting it.  Nice trigger, good reset and accurate. The grip angle is natural and comfortable. Possibly superior to the Glock 21, but I would need them side by side to say

    Check out Polymer80’s site >>>>> HERE

    TFB readers, you guys have experience with Polymer80 kits? What was your experience?

    Mike R

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