[SHOT 2019] SCCY’s new CPX-3 .380 Pistol

    More affordable quality from SCCy

    SCCY, known for manufacturing American made, very affordable firearms, brought their new CPX-3 to SHOT 2019.  Like the other CPX’s this one is chambered in .380, with a 1:16 twist barrel.  The CPX-3 does, of course, have a few new features.  Most prevalent is the use of the “Roebuck Quad-lock system”, a method of obtaining accuracy by having the barrel supported by four points of contact (two front and two rear) at all times.  The rear sight is adjustable via a locking screw, while previous models had fixed sights.  The sights retain the same 3-dot arrangement however.  The CPX-3 does not have a manual safety.  Unloaded weight is 15oz, and it comes with 3 magazines (older CPXs had 2) and has a capacity of 10+1.

    Smooth operator

    The Roebuck Quad Lock System does indeed have a tangible difference over the CPX-1 and CPX-2.  Racking the slide on the SCCY CPX-3, one can really notice the difference between it and the other CPX series pistols.  The front of the barrel is tensioned in the slide by two flat spots machined in the front of the slide itself.  working in conjunction with tension in the rear of the barrel, it gives a very different, solid yet smooth feel and sound to the slide operation.  With the slide forward, the barrel does not move at all.

    note the two slightly flared flats underneath the barrel on the frame. That is the front portion of the quad-lock system

    The CPX-3 trigger did feel pretty much the same, a long double action pull and reset.  With an MSRP of $349, the CPX-3 remains part of their core goal: providing quality affordable American made firearms.



    Rusty S.

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