[SHOT 2019] Radetec Unveils Smart Glock Slide & Mobile App

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

Radetec ( Rade Technology Corporation) has been covered by TFB before for some pretty incredibly technology. In 2012 they announced a shot counter built into the grips of your pistol that appeared to be technology far ahead of its time. Now fast-forward to SHOT Show 2019 and they have something else to blow your mind: a Smart Glock slide.

The Smart Glock slide is a slide manufactured completely by Radetec that can communicate a lot of information to the shooter. The different nuances of shooting that this Smart Glock slide can pick up on are as follows:

  • Display the Remaining Round Count in your Glock’s Magazine
  • Tell the Shooter whether or not a Magazine is in your Firearm
  • Identify if a Round is Chambered in your Firearm or Not

All of these simple elements to shooting at the range or carrying a pistol are displayed on a screen where the dust cover or slide end-plate normally is. The way this technology works is two-fold. The Smart Glock slide does most of the heavy lifting in regards to the technology, but you will also need any Glock magazine you like (actual Glock brand, Magpul, other aftermarket brand, etc.) with a Radetec Glock magazine follower inside.

The special magazine follower communicates the round count based on its position or height inside of the magazine. For example, the height of the follower in a magazine with 5 rounds is different than the height of a magazine follower with 17 rounds in it. This Radetec follower you would add to your current Glock magazines also can communicate if no magazine is inserted into your pistol.

The way that the Smart Glock slide figures out if a round is in the chamber is through the extractor rod inside the slide and whether it is receiving pressure (a round in the chamber) or not (no round in the chamber). After having all of these things explained to me from the good folks at Radetec it seems pretty simple, but the immediate shell shock was definitely there when you first see it.

The other piece of cool tech that Radetec announced is their Universal Logbook. By clipping a small piece to your pistol or rifle’s picatinny rail, the Universal Logbook can record your rounds fired, the date and time of each individual round, and store this information in a mobile app you can access. You also have the ability to set alarms at specific round counts (potentially for cleaning or maintenance purposes).

This could have limitless potential for indoor ranges, police departments, and a multitude of other applications. Also, you have the ability to create a library of your firearms. The app can log information from multiple firearms so you can know the round count and information from all the firearms you own if you desire.

At the moment, Radetec did not have pricing for us on all of these new products. Hopefully it is affordable for shooters once that is announced. So with all of this edgy technology, what do you think? Is this something you would love to use with your Glocks or other firearms? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

Adam Scepaniak
Adam Scepaniak

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  • J J on Feb 02, 2019

    Like most tech, tech for tech’s sake.
    Those sre 2 of the more stupid things i have seen.
    Along with “Smart Guns”, WETFTA. I prefer Smart Owners.
    Ya can’t remove stupidity thru tech
    But you sure can have stupid tech, which most is.

  • David Miller David Miller on Feb 17, 2019

    Seems gimmicky now, but I imagine it could lead to a useful tool in police accountability.