[SHOT 2019] POF-USA’s new rifles

    POF-USA Wonder

    Well it’s one for the money, two for shot show…

    Don’t you step on POF’s blue suede rifle.  Well, it’s not really suede, but their new “Wonder” rifle has a lot of neat features, not least of which is a “Blue Titanium” colored upper and lower receiver.  The Wonder’s standout features are the new “Strike Eagle charging handle, named for the eagle head semblance of the ambidextrous latches, the 3.5lb flat single stage trigger, and the new Micro B single port muzzle brake.  According to POF, the new brake, though very compact, is nearly as effective in recoil reduction as their triple port brake.  The Wonder is 6.18lbs, and comes in at $1599.  The wonder also has a 14.5” rail covering its match grade nitrided and heat treated barrel.  The gas system is carbine length.

    Also present was their .224 Valkyrie Renegade +.  See Adam S’s article here for the lowdown on this long range gas gun.  Though I’ve read about it before, it was neat to get my hands on it.  As is to be expected from POF-USA, this rifle is put together very nicely.  It has a 20″ matte stainless barrel, triple port brake, weighs 7.7lbs and MSRP is $2029.  POF-USA’s President, CEO, and darn good engineer Frank DeSomma gave me the lowdown on long range performance with 75gr and 88gr loads from Hornady, and it was impressive to hear.

    POF-USA also offers a large selection of their parts, such as drop-in triggers, charging handles, Glock slides, and muzzle devices for sale via their website.  Their Glock slides (which are cut for an RMR and fitted with a plate) will fit the 17, 19, and 34.  They also have a slide for the 43, but it is not cut for an optic.

    For more information, please visit POF-USA.

    Rusty S.

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