[Shot 2019] L2D Combat, Custom Perfection


    While roaming the tundra that is Shot Show I found L2D Combat. I am glad I stopped to talk. What caught my eye initially was they do custom work on Caniks. Being a fan of Caniks I stopped to checkout L2D Combat. Greeting me was Ian Heunis their CEO, and soon I learned more about their operation.  They do far more than just Canik slides. They do custom aftermarket on most major brands. Ian is passionate about quality aftermarket options and focuses on the slide and barrel. His slides are very well made and cheaper than other brands that have much less work. The machining was quality, and the Cerokote was flawless. They are damn sexy.

    L2D Combat is a family owned business out of Florida. Although these guys were not familiar with TFB, they spent an hour with me showing their work, and discussing their process. Never asking about our viewership or exposure. I saw a similar attitude towards other peeps who wondered up.

    Some more of sweetness

    They specialize in barrels and slides for multiple handgun platforms. I saw the pride they take in their product, and how glad they were to show it all to me. Honestly dear readers this booth was like no other at Shot. They were passionate and genuine with some quality product.

    Two of their Glocks slides. I found pretty sexy

    These are gorgeous slides. Take a look at L2D Combat

    The make after slides and barrels for Glock, Smith and Wesson, Sig Sauer, and yes Canik. I was impressed with everything I saw. Like me, maybe you have not heard of L2D Combat. I had not, but really recommend you check them out. Their workmanship is excellent, and they love their product and the prices are very competitive. Most important to me, they are friendly down to earth people

    Check out L2D Combat here.

    Any TFB readers have experience with  L2D? Check them out. At Shot, they stood out, for me

    Mike R

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