[SHOT 2019] NEW Crimson Trace Lasersaddle for the Shockwave & Riflescopes


    Crimson Trace brought an absolute haul of goods to SHOT Show’s “Industry Day at the Range” because they could be found in multiple shooting bays and on other firearm manufacturer’s products. This covered everything from their NEW Lasersaddle made for the Mossberg Shockwave, their new series of riflescopes, and even their red dots. It was a lot to take in, but we tried to visit them all (and shoot as much ammunition as possible through them). Let’s take a look!

    crimson trace riflescopes

    It was all the way back on October 1st, 2018 that we at TFB broke the news that Crimson Trace overhauled their logo, company slogan, and brought in tons of new optics. All of these new riflescopes carry the Crimson Trace Lifetime Warranty and Free Batteries for Life (if they take batteries). They also all feature etched glass reticles and Japanese HD glass. Every single scope is of a front-focal plane (FFP) design as well.

    There are 11 scopes in all and they come through three different tiers of quality and price-points. The 5-Series is their highest end with 3 riflescopes (MSRP $1,499 – $1,999), the 3-Series is their mid-tier with 4 riflescopes (MSRP $899 – $1,199), and the 2-Series is their entry-level tier with 4 more riflescopes (MSRP $499 – $849). All of these feature a leveling line on the side of the scope to ensure your optic is level when you mount it into rings. A very small, but valuable addition that costs nearly nothing to apply.

    crimson trace lasersaddle

    The Crimson Trace Lasersaddle received quite possibly the most play time out of all the Crimson Trace goods brought to Range Day. The Mossberg Shockwave series of shotguns are fun enough to shoot as it is, but when you add in a lasersaddle the fun is exponentially multiplied. For those who have a difficult time aiming the Shockwave from the hip (it is not an easy task), then the Crimson Trace Lasersaddle could be your savior.


    You can get your choice of a red Lasersaddle (MSRP $169) or a green Lasersaddle (MSRP $219) if you have a preference for color; otherwise, the green laser is easiest to see during daytime shooting. By simply utilizing the top screw holes on a Mossberg receiver (where a rail would traditionally mount) the Lasersaddle saddles up to your shotgun to maintain a consistent and steady zero.


    This lasersaddle leaves a cut-out for the top tang safety on a Mossberg shotgun and can be zeroed for windage and elevation just like any other Crimson Trace laser. Once mounted and zeroed, I can resoundingly confirm the lasersaddle not only improves your accuracy, but is a hoot to shoot!


    While the highlight of shooting the NEW Crimson Trace optics and lasers was definitely the lasersaddle for us, what are you most excited to purchase or try for yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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