[SHOT 2019] NEW Angstadt Arms SCW-9 PDW


    Finally, at long last, we get a chance to personally inspect the Angstad Arms SCW9, and our first impressions? It’s amazingly tiny. With an overall length of just 14.7”, the SCW-9 is easily backpack or briefcase ready. The collapsing stock has gone through a design change, sporting a new lower profile and a single, left-side support bar that allows for the stock’s use on guns with a forward assist. The stock unit, as you will see below, will be available as a separate purchase. Angstad is also grinding away at getting a pistol stabilizing brace version approved and ready for prime time.

    We are working to get an SCW-9 into the hands of a TFB reviewer as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

    [SHOT 2019] NEW Angstadt Arms SCW-9 PDW

    In September 2018, the U.S. Army awarded Angstadt Arms a contract to supply ultra concealable 9mm sub-machine guns for the purpose of protecting high risk personnel (HRP). To address this operational need, personnel security detail required a weapon with greater lethality than pistols but more concealability than rifles.

    The ultimate objective being a highly concealable Sub Compact Weapon (SCW) system capable of “engaging threat personnel with a high volume of lethal force while accurately firing at close range with minimal collateral damage.”

    The SCW Stock system is what allowed our SCW-9 sub-machine gun to achieve an overall length of just 14.7″ without sacrificing barrel length or a standard muzzle device.

    Angstad Arms SCW9 Sub compact weapon

    Truly Sub Compact

    At just 14.7” long and 4 lbs., the SCW-9 provides greater accuracy than pistols and much greater concealability over standard rifles

    Upper Receiver Single Rail System

    Unlike other PDW stocks the single rail on the SCW-9 is positioned alongside the upper receiver. This provides added clearance above the safety selector switch resulting in faster manipulation and safer use

    Faster Deployment

    The stock on the SCW-9 can be opened without pressing a button. Just grab the stock and pull back

    GLOCK Magazine Reliability

    The SCW-9 accepts GLOCK® double stack 9mm magazines for proven reliability

    • Accepts GLOCK® 9mm magazines
    • Last round bolt hold open on an empty magazine
    • Flared magwell for faster reloads
    • 7075-T6 billet aluminum lower and upper receiver
    • 4” barrel with 3-lug adapter for sound suppression
    • Angstadt Arms 4” free float M-LOK hand guard with a modern, ergonomic, 7 side design that allows for 45 degree offset mounting options
    • Integrated QD sling points on the end plate and handguard
    • Overall length collapsed: 14.7”
    • Collapsed stock length: 2.5”
    • Weight: 4 lbs
    • Patent pending


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