[SHOT 2019] Vaultek Safes


    I first met the guys from Vaultek in July of last year at Triggrcon in Bellevue Washington. I listened to them talk about their products, so I wanted to learn more. At the time they had several single pistol safes, the single pistol safes came in several different models. Their 10 and 20 series safes were extremely well built solid safes. The upper end of these safes offered biometric, digital keypad, and keyed locks. MSRP is about 264.99.

    But the one that caught my eye was the Vaultek Slider Series.

    This Vaultek safe can be mounted almost anywhere. It has the digital keypad lock, and back up key. It also is available with the biometric lock, and Bluetooth with an app that will monitor the safe’s diagnostics, as well as an optional remote (panic) button that can be hidden anywhere. This is advertised as the fastest opening safe that’s out there. The rechargeable lithium ion battery will last about 3 months of normal use before recharging. MSRP starting at 299.00.

    The Vaultek Pro MX Series

    The Vaultek Pro MX Series is a higher capacity fully customizable safe. The top tray adjusts to different heights, and pulls out. It can fit up to 6 pistols using their optional TRP2 gun racks. Also available is their MR 8 magazine rack. This unit comes with the same lock options as their Slider series. MSRP starts at 549.00.

    RS500i Biometric Smart Rifle Safe

    New at SHOT 2019, Vaultek has come out with a rifle safe that is also reconfigurable inside. This safe will not only have the same locks as their Slider and Pro MX series, but this one will be WiFi enabled. The new app available for this will be able to control the function and locking mechanism on the safe. This product won’t be released to the public until March of this year. The MSRP on this safe is to be determined.


    Jim H

    Jim H lives in Kent, Washington with his lovely wife. Loves the outdoors and has been hunting and shooting most of his life. Cotton tail rabbits, doves and ducks used to shiver in fear when he was around! He has been around long enough to remember keeping his .22 rifle on the gun rack of his truck and drove it to high school! Mostly now, he loves to spend time at the range shooting handguns, and learning and reading as much as he can about all firearms.