[SHOT 2019] Spuhr – New Precision Hunter Scope Mounts and Rings

    TFB recently did a factory visit to Spuhr, an article which will be published in the near future.

    Spuhr is a relatively small company, but we witnessed a state-of-the-art manufacturing site with CNC-machines and robots combined with a quality system (Spuhr received their ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification last summer).

    At SHOT Show 2019 they will introduce their new Hunting Series with rings and scope mounts for the US market, as an alternative to their traditional ISMS which has a more modular tactical look.

    Target customers are hunters and sports shooters looking for a sleek, lightweight solution to mount their main optic and accessories. The new Spuhr mounts shave off about 50% of the weight compared to the ISMS-line. A quick look at prices in the webshop reveal that the prices have come down as well.


    Press Release: Spuhr Hunting Series

    Spuhr, world famous for their ultra-modular Ideal Scope Mount System (ISMS) for precision rifles, sniper rifles, and carbines – which is currently in use with law enforcement and military units around the world – have expanded their offerings with the Hunting Series of mounts.

    The ISMS series of mount currently consists of more than 90(!) different models of mounts and some 40 different accessories for attaching anything from an Angle Cosine Indicator (ACI) to laser range finders such as the Wilcox RAPTAR-S.

    The new Hunting Series of mounts and rings is a no-frills lightweight mounting solution for hunting and sporting rifles. Offering some of the modularity of its big brother ISMS and the ability to level the scope to the mount using the “Wedge” leveling key, the Hunting series of mounts has a more appealing style at about half the weight of the ISMS.

    Like the ISMS series, the Hunting Series features the patented solution of using diagonally split rings to get the screws out of the way for an unobscured view of the elevation and windage turrets.

    Though perhaps not as important on a sporting rifle, the Hunting Series also offers the possibility of attaching accessories to the top covers – a handy way to attach a red dot sight, or a flashlight, etc., to the rifle without having to modify the stock or impacting the harmonics of the barrel.

    The Interface Top Cover features a Spuhr Interface which can be rotated as to position the accessory in either the 12-o’clock or the 3-o’clock position (a dual interface ring will be available as an accessory in 2019). This means that most of the accessories from the ISMS series can be used with the Hunting Series as well. Currently, customers can opt for mounts and ring sets with one Interface Top Cover and one Classic Top Cover without an interface, or with two Classic Top Covers.

    The 1-piece Hunting Series mounts are available for Picatinny and Weaver rails (the SCP-series) and for Tikka T3/T3x dovetails (the SCT-series). For Tikka rifles this means there is no reason to install a Picatinny rail as the SCT-mount will fit directly onto the action (Tikka T3 CTR and TAC A1 models should use the SCP-series mounts).

    The Hunting Series also include the aesthetic hunting rings for Blaser saddle mounts and for Sako/Tikka OptiLock bases, for those who prefer that solution.

    The Hunting Series is rapidly expanding and is already available for 1”, 30 mm, 34 mm, 35 mm, and 36mm tubes.


    In the plans are also direct mounts for the Remington 700 negating the need for using a scope base in between the action and the mount. The target is to have a weight-efficient solution allowing a very low mount height.

    With interface on top. The mount blends in nicely around the scope.

    Below: And even more interfaces, depending on your needs.

    Below: If you are using Go-Pro or other cameras, and flashlights, this is a possible configuration.

    SCT-3006 with side-mounted accessory for Picatinny.

    And without.



    One of the clever things about this new line – and that I really appreciate – is the possibility to rotate the top cover in either the 12-o’clock or the 3-o’clock position.

    This top cover includes a Spuhr Interface, so you discretely rotate the position. It is a “tactical” feature without looking tactical. For those who cannot decide side or just want a lot of things attached to their rifle there will be a dual interface ring available later in the year. I just bought a Surefire M600 that I am going to attach to the side of my mount.


    For more information visit www.Spuhr.biz. The Hunting Series is available in the U.S. from Mile High Shooting Accessories: www.milehighshooting.com.

    The new Spuhr mounts will be displayed at the Mile High booth at SHOT Show 2019, aim for booth 7502.

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