[SHOT 2019] ST Engineering Ultimax 100 MK8

    The Ultimax 100 is the light machine gun for the Singaporean Army. Formerly ST Kinetics, ST Engineering is the Singaporean company who makes the Ultimax and they were at Range Day. Unfortunately they opted to be a non-shooting vendor at Range Day but we got to check out the newest version, the Ultimax 100 MK8.

    I am lucky enough to be one of the few people in America to have shot an Ultimax 100. It is hands down by far my favorite machine gun. The gun was designed by Jim Sullivan and it has no recoil. There are nerf guns out there with more felt recoil.

    My friend Scott aka Machine Gun Dad on YouTube has two Ultimaxes in his NFA collection. Unfortunately they are post samples.



    Here Scott explains why there is no recoil.


    Scott has a MK2 and a prototype 2000 which is a hybrid of the MK2 and MK3. They were brought into the US for a Marine Corps trial back in 2000.

    The Ultimax 100 uses a proprietary drum magazine and modified Stanag mags. However Scott’s Ultimax 2000 has a custom made mag well adapter to use unmodified Stanag mags. As you saw in the video where I shoot it with my Magpul D60.

    The MK8 has a ton of improvements over the MK2 and 2000.

    One of the biggest improvements is that the MK8 is select fire. It has a semi auto mode. The MK2 and 2000 were full auto only.

    One of the issues with the older Ultimax LMGs was the magazine catch. It was a long leaf spring attached to the outside of the gun and held with a set screw. After a while, the set screw would back out, decreasing tension in the leaf spring and your magazine would fall out. The MK8 has a new mag catch design.

    As I mentioned before, the Ultimax takes proprietary drum magazines or a modified Stanag mag. The problem with using those box mags is that there is no traditional mag well so the magazine can shift left and right. The Ultimax 2000 that Scott has, was modified by ST Kinetics with a mag well. Well the MK8 comes with a mag well adapter to use SAR-21 or M-16 style magazines. Yes it will work with a Beta Mag.

    The Ultimax 100 MK8 has been upgraded with a picatinny top rail, bottom and side rails for using optics and other accessories.

    The MK2 and MK3 had removeable stocks but they were a poor design. They have switched to an adjustable folding stock with the MK8.

    The Ultimax 100 MK 8 weighs a mere 5 KG or 11 lbs. It can be reloaded on the move and it is chambered in 5.56×45 mm. The barrel is rifled 1:7 or 1:12 and is 18” long. They are quick change just like any other LMG and of course it fires from an open bolt. Rate of fire is a controllable 400-600 rpm and the lack of recoil makes it super easy to get all of your rounds on target at distance.

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