[SHOT 2019] Range Day: NEMO arms with something new.

    When I saw I had received NEMO arms as one of my range day assignments I was both excited and not at the same time.  I was looking forward to shooting their .300 win mag. extra-large frame AR, but at the same time I knew my job here at SHOT with TFB was to report on the new hotness, of which I though NEMO had none.  Once again it goes to show “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

    How wrong I was became readily apparent when I saw a pistol sitting on the table at their booth. “You guys make a pistol?”  “We sure do.  Want to shoot it?”  “Of course!”  this was just one of countless similar exchanges to occur at SHOTs range day.

    The Pistol felt great in the hand with a grip angle similar to a 1911.  It takes Sigs P226 (9mm luger) magazines (with are readily available) and has a slide cutout with various mounting plates for mini red dot sights (MRDS) such as the Trijicon RMR

    The “slick plate” or cover for the MRDS cutout.

    Shooting the pistol was similar to shooting other striker fired pistols except it had that hefty feeling of quality that comes with holding solid metal in your hand over something plastic.  It pointed naturally and shot well, making swinging the hostage taker target at 15 yards a non issue.  Also worth noting is how much traction the forward slide serrations provided, they were extremely positive.

    Making hits was easy with this pistol.


    Of course I could not leave the NEMO booth without putting some .300 win mag rounds down range in a semi-automatic fashion.  So, I got behind their OMEN


    The OMEN in the desert


    The back of the OMEN’s bolt carrier. The black piece is spring loaded to help with felt recoil.

    This was a surprisingly recoil and dust free endeavor thanks to a well-tuned gas system and some engineered spring shenanigans between the bolt carrier group and the buffer assembly.  Finally, the dust was kept down thanks to one of NEMO’s own titanium silencers, which they are producing in house.  (.223 up to .338 Lapua)



    NEMO has been busy this past year making a bunch of (aluminum and titanium) chips.  They have obviously had their R&D, engineering, and production teams burning the midnight and, in my mind, it has paid off.  They are continuing to roll out new premium firearms and components.

    For more info check out https://nemoarms.com/