[SHOT 2019] NEW C9 Hi-Point (Insert True Model Name Here)

    new c9

    Hi-Point Firearms, the affordable gun company we all know and love, is coming out with a NEW handgun! And it is called… THE… actually, Hi-Point has not decided on a name yet. It is a pistol they are still honing, polishing, and engineering to deliver on customer feedback. For the time being, Hi-Point is temporarily dubbing it the New C9 since it lends a lot of parts from their staple 9mm.

    While the firearm in the cover photo might not look very different from the original C9 the beauty is in the details. The New C9 has more of an angular slide along with front and rear slide serrations. It also has a threaded barrel with a standard 1/2″ x 28 TPI thread pitch. There will be a picatinny rail adapter available for the New C9 to mount popular reflex sights as well.

    new c9

    This New C9 will also employ a back strap safety similar to a model 1911, and have a reversible rubber back strap. This pistol will boast an extended, traditional accessory rail to mount flashlights, lasers, combos, or other accessories. A very appreciated upgrade consumers have wanted for a long time is a double stack or higher capacity magazine, and now they will get it. Also, for all of the left-handed shooters out there, the New C9 will also utilize an ambidextrous magazine release.

    The expected ship date or time of availability will be in late 2019. As far as the MSRP, we will all be looking at a whopping $200. When most companies sell just threaded barrels for $200, an aspiring shooter or a wiley veteran can get a complete package from Hi-Point for $200 (or potentially less).

    To get an even more encompassing look of the New C9, check our TFBTV video as well where we get to talk directly to Hi-Point. We are the first ones to see this firearm outside of employees from the factory!

    So what do you think? Is this going to be a gun you will be hunting for later in the year? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

    new c9


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