[SHOT 2019] Heckler & Koch .22LR HK416 Clone

    Heckler and Koch had their new .22LR HK416 clone rifle and pistol at range day. Some of you may recall a similar set of HK416 clones by Umarex/Walther. These are based on the same gun but brought under H&K USA control.

    The Umarex/Walther HK416 clones were fun little plinkers. While they shared some parts commonality with their Colt M4 .22lr clone, getting parts other than spare magazines, was nearly impossible. I know, I have tried getting replacement parts for my HK416 pistol and Umarex USA does not carry any spare parts.

    Well that has changed by bringing the HK416 clone under HK USA. These guns will be fully supported and serviced by H&K in Georgia.

    Aside from switching control, the H&K .22LR HK416 clone has a 1/2×28 threaded barrel.

    In the photo above, you can see two HK416 pistols. They do not come with the brace or buffer tube. If the HK HK416 clone is similar to the Umarex HK416 pistol, then you will need to buy a buffer tube adapter. SB Tactical may be coming out with a kit to allow the use of the SBA3 brace, according to the H&K representative I spoke with. The pistol version looks like it comes with a flash hider whereas the Umrarex version came with a faux suppressor.

    The HK416 clones come with folding back up sights. Whereas the Umarex version came with replica fixed front sights that resembled early HK416 MP5 style diopter sights.

    Another departure from the Umarex version and the H&K version is the handguard. The Umarex version came with a quad rail but H&K has opted for an MLOK handguard design with integrated QD sling points.

    H&K has also gone with their HK416 slim stock for their rifle.

    These HK416 clones should be a lot of fun to shoot and at an affordable price. While they are no replacement for a real HK416 or even an MR556, they offer someone an aesthetically pleasing replica plinking gun that will provide a lot of fun for the shooter.

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