[SHOT 2019] An Arrow Firing Rifle?

    Arrow Firing Rifle

    Traditions Crackshot XBR Arrow Firing Rifle

    Yes, that it what it looks like

    New for 2019, The Crackshot XBR Arrow Firing Rifle, Ironically from Traditions firearms, is indeed a “rifle” that fires arrows.  The “Firebolt” arrows are loaded onto a 27-caliber 21″ tube inside of a 22″ outer sleeve.  The user then breaks the action and inserts a .27 caliber “Powerload” (What AC/DC would otherwise call a blank), closes the action, and cocks the hammer.  The Crackshot is then ready to fire an arrow with your choice of tip at 385fps, and has a lethal range of 70 yards.


    The Powerloads

    According to Traditions, it has 94 ft-lbs of energy at 30 yards.  If dealing with yard pests, the Crackshot won’t rustle too many jimmies by being noisy.  It comes in at only 80 Decibels when fired.  Not hunting with arrows?  No problem.  The Crackshot also ships with a 16.5″ .22lr barrel as well.


    Loading the Crackshot XBR

    The arrow shaft is hollow up to just before the broadhead.  According to Traditions, this allows the arrow to be “pulled from the front” (students of physics will disagree) rather than be pushed from the rear, allowing for flatter shooting.

    The arrow shaft is hollow

    .22lr barrel

    The .22lr barrel installed on the top rifle

    First impressions

    The Crackshot that I handled at SHOT was crazy lightweight at just over 4lbs in both configurations, with a decent trigger.  Arrows slid easily yet securely onto the tube.  The ATF reportedly took a bit of time to decide what the Crackshot was.  They are defining it as a muzzleloader for now.  Traditions has been reaching out to agencies responsible for hunting regulations in each state in order to better determine the legal definition of the Crackshot for hunting purposes (muzzleloader, archery, short range, etc).  

    ATF’s initial reaction

    It will be available in black for $449 or Kryptec Highlander reduced camo for $499.  All Crackshots will come with a Traditions 4×32 scope already mounted on the upper, as well as 3 firebolt arrows.  Extra Firebolt arrows will go for $29.95 for a 6-pack, and the Powerloads will go for $24.95 per 100.  For more information, please visit Traditions Performance Firearms.

    Disclaimer:  The author knows the arrow firing barrel isn’t actually rifled.  



    Rusty S.

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