[SHOT 2019] Suppressing The Ma Deuce – 3D Printed Delta P Design

    Ma Deuce

    A beltfed 50 caliber machinegun conjures up images of utter dominance over enemy solidiers, vehicles and structures. The muzzle blast alone is enough to strike fear into the hearts of men. Unfortunately it’s that blast that will pummel the shooter, crew and LAV drivers if the gun is vehicle mounted. Even the best helmets and ear protection can’t stop the concussive forces that will end up injuring our war fighters. Not to mention the reduced ability to communicate. So when Delta P Design set out to suppress the Ma Deuce, they weren’t chasing decibels – even though you can hold a conversation 20 feet from where the modified crew-served weapon is being fired.

    [SHOT 2019] SuppressIng the Ma Deuce – 3D Printed Delta P Design

    First, let’s take a quick look at the rig. The suppressed M2 sat atop a Navistar SOTV-A, a purpose built special operations vehicle that acts like a chameleon, changing skins in just a few hours to look like a Toyota, Chevy or whatever else fits the local surroundings. Of course it’s up armored, sports a turret hatch and is ready for the toughest terrain. As background, Navistar also makes the MaxxPro MRAP.

    Navistar SOTVA


    Navistar Defense’s SOTV-A is a highly-modular and transportable vehicle that is available the varying levels of armor protection and weapons packages.. Designed for maximum off-road speed and mobility for a variety of terrain, the SOTV incorporates a full government- furnished Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) suite. The chassis, suspension, powertrain and armored occupant safety cell were engineered specifically to carry large payloads across rough landscapes in 3-man, 5-man and 7-man variants. The scalable armor packages meet multiple threat levels and accommodate a variety of low-profile or overt tactical body styles, allowing the vehicle’s profile to be changed at the crew level.

    Back to the suppressed Ma Deuce. Mounted with Delta P’s Inconel silencer made using additive manufacturing (3D Prnting) the combined barrel length is exactly the same as a standard M2, meaning it can be outfitted, maintained and used without modifications or additional training.

    The 50 caliber Delta P Design suppressor features forward “vents” that keeps the cyclic rate under full automatic fire stable. Weighing only 52 ounces, the design tames the M2 enough to have a conversation at the rear of the vehicle. Most wouldn’t call it classically quiet, but compared to an un suppressed beltfed 50 cal, the results are impressive.

    Luckily, TFBTV’s Joel Wise was on hand to capture video of the events of the day and will be along shortly to share the experience.

    Delta P on TFB’s Silencer Saturday:

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