[SHOT 2019] NEW “MK1 PRO” Rifle and Pistol line From PWS

    PWS MK116

    The New PWS PRO MK116 Rifle

    New pew for you

    From the land of gems and potatoes come the new PWS MK1 PRO line.  Unvieled to us at SHOT 2019, the PRO MK111 Pistol and PRO MK116 rifle still have the long-stroke piston and excellent features that PWS is known for, but differ in a key area:  They cost 1/2 the price of the MK1 MOD2 line!  This is achievable because the upper receivers are not forged and machined, but rather 6061 extrusions.  Another difference is the PRO line comes with standard A2 flashers instead of the fancier compensators found on other PWS firearms.  MSRP for complete guns is $995.95, and uppers are also available for $649.95.


    Rifle LH view

    Press release below:

    Primary Weapons Systems Releases New MK1 PRO Line

    Release date January 21, 2019

    SHOT Show 2019- Primary Weapons Systems releases their newest line of firearms within the MK1/AR-15 platform; the MK1 PRO line.

    The PWS MK1 PRO line features the tried and true PWS long stroke piston system. This line is perfect for shooters looking for a cost-effective piston system firearm without sacrificing the high-quality standards PWS has been known for over a decade. Featuring a 3-setting adjustable gas system for users with suppressors, free-float MLOK handguard, Radian Raptor charging handle, extruded upper receiver that integrates an extremely solid handguard attachment system, the MK1 PRO line has an assortment of features ideal for shooters of all levels. Available as a complete upper or complete firearm (both pistol and rifle configurations). As with all PWS complete upper receivers, they will fit seamlessly to any AR15 lower receiver with no need for add accessories. The PRO line is the best value on the market when it comes to piston driven operating systems, including high-end features and custom components. Adding to the overall value, the entire MK1 PRO line comes with the same performance expectations and lifetime guarantee as all PWS products.

    MSRP for complete firearms: $995.95

    MSRP for complete uppers: $649.95

    PWS is currently manufacturing their PRO line in addition to their other product lines and are shipping to dealers as of 1/21. For more information on the PWS MK1 PRO line, please visit primaryweapons.com.

    PWS MK111

    The New PWS MK111 Pistol

    I’ve been fortunate enough to witness PWS’ prototype testing a number of times. They test the hell out of these firearms to make sure they won’t fail the consumer.  If one is in the hunt for a well-priced piston driven AR, the new PRO line should be worth a look.

    PWS MK111

    MK111 LH view

    All images courtesy of PWS

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