[SHOT 2019] Industry Day at the range: 7.5FK BRNO News and Impressions

    FK BRNO in action

    FK BRNO's pro staff shooting the Field Pistol. Note two cases in the air and the gun is solidly back on target.

    Pistol with a punch

    FK BRNO in action

    FK BRNO’s pro staff shooting the Field Pistol. Note two cases in the air and the gun is solidly back on target.

    Note how little muzzle rise there is with a double tap

    Shooting the 7.5 FK Field Pistol has been a goal of mine since I learned about the platform.  Unfortunately,   this power handgun is a rare specimen in the wild.  At SHOT this year, FK BRNO was kind enough to give us ample trigger time both pre-range day and on Industry Day at the Range as well.  While TFB’s Pete has written up a great review of the gun, Andrew has thoroughly tested the ammunition and James has had his own musings, this was the first I had seen the pistols be shot a lot by a lot of people.

    Field Pistol in case

    What’s in the case? Just a pistol worth more than most others…

    Long story short, the guns ran, and ran well.  They were just as smooth to shoot, load, and rack by the afternoon of Industry day as they were pre-range day.  This is not easy to accomplish with a firearm that has very tight tolerances when going through cases and cases of ammunition.

    7.5FK 95grn HP

    Ample ammo on hand

    quick impressions

    FK BRNO’s pro shooter staff gave me the rundown and some tips on using the pistol and it’s sights.  After a quick familiarization and practice shots in both slow and rapid fire, I was ready to burn through a few magazines of this rare ammunition.

    Brannon with the 7.5FK

    TFB’s Brannon gets his turn.

    Apex of muzzle rise

    Note how little muzzle rise there is. This is at the apex with a 1st-time shooter of the platform.

    My quick take on the FK BRNO Field Pistol?  It’s extremely easy to shoot for a pistol that produces 880 ft/lbs of energy.  All the design elements truly help in extremely quick reacquisition of the sight picture.  I shot both with their butterfly aperture sight as well as a traditional three dot notch and post sight, and both were easy to use.  The magazines slid in smoothly, the trigger is very nice (coming from a confessed trigger snob) and hitting targets out to 150 yards was easy and fun.

    7.5 FK trigger

    Truly a nice trigger

    What’s the new news at the new court?

    FK BRNO was kind enough too share a bit of news with TFB: On the ammunition side of things, they have a constant supply of 10-20 thousand cartridges available for purchase.  Resupplying that stock of on-hand ammo is a non-issue, and they have full confidence in their ability to keep these firearms fed.  Now for the exciting part: A 5.2″ barreled polymer frame firearm chambered in 7.5FK is in the works!  Their goals are for a reduction both in weight and cost.  

    For More information, please visit FK BRNO

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