[SHOT 2019] Hands on with Gear Head Works’ ONE pistol in .300BLK

    The ONE pistol

    Gear Head Works' ONE Pistol

    Not the loneliest number

    On my way down to link up with the good folks at OSS Suppressors, I noticed a very awesome little bolt action pistol on one of their tables: Gear Head Works much anticipated ONE pistol in .300 Blk.  I gave the firearm a good looking over, and the fit and finish are excellent.  Gear Head has been working hard on refining this firearm to sub-MOA specs.  Everything from the side folding brace to the chassis to the bolt and trigger felt extremely polished and well made.  Keep in mind this is after 5 hours of being shot and knocked around by hordes of media and buyers attending Industry Day at the Range.

    No way I wasn't;t trying this one out

    The quieter side of range day

    Priced at $1650, this pistol offers a lot more refinement and features than the Remington 700CP, yet still comes in significantly lower than the Mini-Fix.

    Note side folding stock

    It’s something a librarian would hunt with

    Firing rounds with nary a sound

    Even after enduring blowing dust and hundreds of suppressed rounds fired, the bolt glided forward smoothly.  The trigger was light and crisp.  The ergonomics of and balance, even while suppressed, are excellent.  Hitting targets at 25 and 50 yards was fun, but firing 220gr subsonics at 100 and 200 yard targets was hilarious.  This pistol does not move at all, and the subsonic rounds would hit a second or so after firing, even at such close distances.

    More compact

    Getting smaller…

    Fitted with OSS Suppressors’ HX-QD 762Ti, there was hardly any sound at all when it was fired, and the recoil felt like a .22lr.  It’s an accurate, light, and quiet little bugger, to be sure.  I came away from the experience with the following conclusion: I need “one”.

    Extremely compact with the can removed and stock folded

    Extremely compact with the can removed and stock folded

    More Info; per Gear Head Works:

    What started as a personal project over 3 years ago has evolved into one of the most anticipated pistols this season. The Gear Head Works One 300 BLK Bolt Action Pistol. Available in several configurations there is sure to be a ONE that you will want to take home with you. Sub MOA accuracy, custom chassis design, Remington action, side folding featuring our Tailhook Mod1 Pistol brace, cerakote options including Ulterra Camo patterns and a custom spiral fluted barrel are just a few of the features available.
    Price: $1650
    These are proving to be quite popular, as the first run of the pistols has already sold out.
    For more information, please visit Gear Head’s ONE Pistol site.  


    Rusty S.

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