HERE WE GO AGAIN: Franklin Armory Providence Non-Semiautomatic


    It was just about this time last year when us ‘new media’ types were getting geared up for SHOT, when Franklin Armory decides to roll a grenade onto the dance floor in the form of the Reformation, a short barreled nonSBR. Well, in what everyone should have seen coming, the mad scientists at Franklin have just announced the Providence, a non-semiautomatic rifle that fires one round with every pull of the trigger. Let’s take a look at their latest YouTube video:

    So, with just a taste of information, does anyone want to venture a guess at the mechanics behind the latest release? I’ll tell you what, the first commenter to correctly guess the specifics of the Providence action wins a TFB patch. Industry insiders need not apply.

    We’ll get the full scoop next week.

    HERE WE GO AGAIN: Franklin Armory Providence Non-Semiautomatic

    Minden, NV, January 17, 2018–

    Innovative firearms manufacturer, Franklin Armory®, has successfully created a new prototype… Franklin Armory® presents Providence a whole new action type that fires one round every time the trigger is pulled, but this action is not semiautomatic. Come by SHOT Show booth #20365 and see the safest, quietest, cleanest, non-semiautomatic ever designed. Jay Jacobson – “Providence® was inspired by the demand for a non-semiautomatic carbine in international markets. In my opinion, what we created was the safest, quietest, and cleanest running design ever conceived.”

    Franklin Armory

    Franklin Armory® is a Nevada corporation that specializes in manufacturing Binary™ triggers, and quality AR-style firearms for sporting, military, and law enforcement applications. We are very adept at creating products for a restrictive jurisdiction such as our home state California. We have two facilities. Our California site manufactures most of the component parts we sell while the Nevada plant performs final assembly, quality control, and distribution. Franklin Armory® first set up shop in Minden Nevada in 2013 to establish a toehold in Northern Nevada because of California’s onerous and restrictive regulations regarding assault rifles. The Nevada facility also manufactures NFA compliant firearms. We use 100% American made parts & materials.


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