Build Of The Year…?

    UPDATE: 1600 PST, Jan 23

    Winner of the Build: Jim R, with the Higgens Shotgun with 45% of the votes
    2nd Place ($100 GC to Brownells): Tony R, with the 300BLK PDW with 20% of the votes

    Random Winners (swag packs from Strike Industries):

    • Daniel S
    • Erin C



    I mentioned that we had some exciting news? Well, here it is… Strike Industries (sponsor of this series), Primary Weapons Systems, and Holosun, in conjunction with your most favorite Firearms Blog (that would be, ahem, us), are going to do the Build Of The Year runoff right now. At the six month mark. (Build Of The Semiannual/Biannual just doesn’t roll off the tongue as well).


    How this will work is that the six winning builds of Build Of The Week are going to go into a finalist competition, decided by you the readers. It will again be a Gleam competition. Winner of this competition will win the below custom rifle. It is a Primary Weapons base outfitted with components from Strike Industries topped off with an optic from Holosun! (and as to worries about legality, winner obviously has to be of age to win and the rifle can be made “featureless” to comply with local stupidity regulations)

    Purposely obscured... :)

    Purposely obscured… 🙂

    This competition will run until next Wednesday (the 23rd) at noon (PST) where the winner will be announced via a live stream at the Strike Industries Booth. (Exact time of the announcement TBD; it will be posted here for continuity).  Sorry for the short timeframe, but the ability to announce at SHOT was too tempting and the prize build was finished literally an hour ago…

    Pixelated to conceal its true identity...

    Pixelated to conceal its true identity…

    Second place pick will get a gift card from Brownells for $100 USD, and TWO lucky voters will get swag packs. There will be ample ways to get votes (mainly by daily voting, writing something to entertain us, and liking/visiting social media for Strike Industries, Primary Weapons, and Holosun).

    The Nominees Are:



    BOTW: AR “In All It’s Glory” Build by William C:





    Build of the Year (The first six months anyway…)

    This series doesn’t work without you all, and the contributions keep coming in. (At this point we have enough submissions to keep this going until March 2020).


    TFB’s BOTW Prize Packs are provided by STRIKE INDUSTRIES

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