Rock Island Armory Introduce New Shotgun – the VR80


    The RIA Imports VR80 Shottgun (RIA/Armscor)

    Rock Island Armory have introduced their new semi-automatic shotgun – the VR80. Developed by Rock Island Armory’s Philippine parent company Armscor, the new AR-style 12 gauge, magazine fed shotgun will hit shelves in 2019. Rock Island Armory are called the VR80 ‘a lean, mean customizable machine.’


    RIA Imports’ VR80 (Armscor)

    Heralded as a customizable platform for shooters the VR80 has a number of welcome features, including ambidextrous controls and charging handle, a buffer bolt system to tame recoil, a patent-pending ‘thumbhole’ buffer tube butt stock, 7075 T6 aluminium upper and lower receivers, a 12 o’clock picatinny rail, a low profile forend and a threaded, fluted barrel shroud. The shotgun feeds from a standard 5 round box magazine, the VR80 is set to ship with two of these. It will also feed from 9 and 19 round after market magazines and the gun is also backwards compatible with magazines for the earlier VR60 shotgun (which first appeared back in 2016).

    Here’s a RIA Import’s video introducing the VR80, posted to Armscor’s youtube channel on 2nd January:

    The VR80 retains the AR-15 control layout and familiar receiver set up but replaces the polymer of the VR60 with aluminium upper and lower receivers and forend – with a black anodised finish. The combined standard buttstock / pistol grip, which has a fixed length of pull, can also be swapped out for any AR aftermarket furniture. The VR80 has a 3 inch chamber, takes improved cylinder, modified and full Mobil threaded choke tubes, and weighs in at 8.27 lbs and has an overall length of 40 inches.

    left vr 80

    Left side profile of the VR80 (Armscor)

    The new gun is marketed under the name RIA Imports and while the earlier VR60 retailed for $499 (MSRP), the new, improved VR80 comes in at an MRSP of $699 (with two 5 round box magazines).

    Find out more about the VR80 over on Rock Island Armory’s website, here and the catalogue page here.

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