POTD: Color coding your knives and guns

    Today’s Photo goes in the color RED.

    Let’s start with the main attraction – a CZ SP01 enhanced with LOK Grips and Truglo TFX Pro Sights.

    I presume we have a lot of people who read TFB that also like knives and buy one every now and then?

    When the gun safe is full, there’s always room for another knife…

    In case you have missed it Microtech Knives are doing colors again, i.e. color variant of their models.

    Both of these red knives are marked 12/2018, which means they were produced in December 2018. Already last year’s model…

    The bigger one is a Microtech Combat Trodoon and the one on the right side is an Ultratech.

    I just got myself a Combat Trodoon as well, but in Tan-Tan from PVK in Vegas. It’s a big knife, one of the largest Out The Fronts available.

    Picture by author (Eric B)


    The top photo with all the red is taken by Michael Taft, Georgia, used with kind permission. The red is probably a little less red in reality, as he used a filter to brighten the colors up a bit.

    I am sure we have more readers that keep color coding their firearms, knives and accessories.

    Please confess in the comments below!