B&T USA Announces APC308

    B&T APC 308 14" with folding stock (B&T USA)

    Back in March 2018, Eric broke the news that B&T were finally set to offer a 7.62x51mm APC, the APC308. The rifle was unveiled at the 2018 Enforce TAC show but no details on when it might arrive in the US were given. It now appears that B&T USA are preparing to bring the APC308 to the US, releasing a press release earlier this week.

    B&T APC308 18″ with folding stock (B&T USA)

    B&T APC308

    B&T APC308 18″ with folding stock closed (B&T USA)

    B&T USA will offer a 14.3 inch barrelled carbine and an 18 inch barrelled DMR option, using the same short stroke piston, rotating bolt system as the APC223. The APC308 will feed from SR-25 pattern magazines. The rifles will be on display at B&T USA’s booth at this month’s upcoming SHOT Show.

    B&T APC308 carbine (B&T USA)

    Here’s B&T USA’s press release in full:

    B&T introduces two new variants to its line of rifle caliber APCs, with 14.3” and 18” DMR barrel options. Building off of the proven design, reliability, and performance of the APC223 family, the APC308 rifles feature a number of enhancements for a .308 Win version.

    Both the 14.3” and 18” variants, like the APC223 models, feature a locked, rotating bolt, a short stroke gas piston operating system. These new APC308 models feature enhanced ergonomics, an integrated shock absorber for reduced felt recoil, and ambidextrous controls. These rifles also feature full-length accessory rails, and standard folding iron sights. An optional folding charging handle is also available. Adding to versatility and aiding in maneuverability, both barrel length rifles can be fitted with an optional folding stock.

    The 14.3” and 18” DMR models come with (2) 20-round magazines-SR-25 pattern, a vertical foregrip, cleaning kit, sling and case. See both variants on display at SHOT Show 2019, in B&T USA Booth 4445 and B&T USA LE & Military Sales Booth 14276.

    B&T USA told us that the MSRP for the 14.3 inch variant will be $3,399.00 while the 18 inch variant will retail for $3,860.00. The APC308 has already begun shipping to dealers in the US and is now available.

    Find out more about the APC308 on B&T’s website, here.

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