SILENCER SATURDAY #55: Mount Up! The Best Rifle Mounting Systems

    Mounting systems

    Good afternoon baffle boys and girls and welcome to episode 55 of TFB’s Silencer Saturday, where you are encouraged to laugh at my dumb jokes – quietly. Last week we discussed the 3D printed options from Delta P Design, which coincidentally are all direct thread models – requiring no mounting systems – which I happen to believe is ultimately the best way to attach a suppressor to a firearm. Without the need for shims, spacers, muzzle devices and moving parts, your silencer is mounted quickly and easily and can be checked for concentricity without the worry of tolerance stacking. However, even in all its simplicity, a direct attachment is not always practical – an easy and quick on-and-off QD system that can double as a sacrificial blast baffle, thread protection and a flash hider or muzzle brake can be a welcome addition to a rifle.

    SILENCER SATURDAY #55: Mount Up! The Best Rifle Mounting Systems

    Unfortunately, my annoyance with the rules and regulations surrounding the National Firearms Act creeps into nearly every Saturday episode. In the United States, silencer parts are considered to be silencers on their own – meaning constructing a replacement baffle by a non-licensed user constitute taxable event ($200 & wait 8 months for approval). But the development of modular suppressors in recent has fortunately allowed manufacturers to design models around mounting systems capable of accepting muzzle devices for multiple firearm configurations. These systems, because the can mount blast shields and directional brakes, are not considered to be silencer parts. Yay.

    Going a step further, a semi-standardization of mounting systems dimensions and thread pitches has begun to take shape. Originally built for the MAAD setups for the SilencerCo Saker and SilencerCo Omega suppressors, the two mounting systems were later adopted by other manufacturers: Dead Air has the Sandman/Nomad KeyMo systems, Energetic Armament’s Vox suppressor, Q’s Plan B mounting systems, the RMS2 Hopaii as well as other manufacturers.

    The SilencerCo MAAD Mount and SilencerCo Trifecta flash hider.

    First, let’s remember an old adage: There Is No Free Lunch. While all of the systems have QD characteristics, the ‘Strong, Light or Cheap – you can only pick two’ motto exists for a reason. But there are QD mounting systems that fail to meet basic standards of a silencer attachment – like holding on to the silencer during the firing of your weapon. I’d prefer to keep Silencer Saturday a positive and drama-free zone, so I’ll avoid negative wave and stick to what I believe are some of the best rifle mounts currently available.

    Q Plan B And Cherry Bomb

    There’s a lot to be said about simplicity, and the Cherry Bomb/Plan B setup has got it. Light weight, no moving parts, low profile and a rock solid taper mount – the Q system is my current favorite. Even without springs or locking mechanisms, hand tightening your silencer is confidence inspiring. The ease of a direct thread with the benefits of a QD muzzle brake. Awesome.

    Mounting Systems

    Q Cherry Bomb and Plan B Omega mount, which is fitted on to the Dead Air Nomad.

    The Cherry Bomb is installed easily with a 1/2 socket at the front, perfect for recessed muzzles. The brake is meant to be mated to a barrel with a tapered muzzle, but it can be torqued to a traditionally shouldered muzzle without issue. A thread locker like Rocksett can be used for an extra layer of security as needed.

    Mounting systems

    Simple tools: The Cherry Bomb is torqued with a 1/2” socket wrench.

    The Q Plan B is available for both the SilencerCo Saker and the Omega thread dimensions, meaning there are probably at least 10 silencers that can be setup to use a Cherry Bomb.

    Dead Air KeyMo

    For a more traditional, one-handed QD mounting system that locks up solid, the Dead Air KeyMo is hard to beat. Both muzzle brakes and flash hiders are available and can be pin and welded if your project requires it.

    The silencer is mounted by lining up a grove on the KeyMo to a notch on the muzzle device. Once it drops into place, two cranks of hand tightening and the silencer enjoys a solid lockup. Installation and removal is done with one hand with no locking rings or latches to get in the way.

    Mounting systems

    Dead Air KeyMo system affixed to a SilencerCo Saker 762 with flash hider.

    Yankee Hill Phantom

    Similar to the KeyMo mounting system, the Yankee Hill Phantom QD Mount’s can be used one-handed. Notches in the endcap of the Turbo, Resonator or other models mate up with groves in a small springloaded shoulder on the muzzle device. Simple and elegant. Other silencer manufacturers, as well as Form 1 parts suppliers are making YHM Phantom compatible endcaps.

    Yankee Hill Phantom QD Mount and flash hider

    Hansohn Brothers Three Lug Mount

    When it comes to pistol caliber carbines, the default quick detach system is the HK Three Lug mount. However, unless you are shooting HKs or clones, three lug barrels are few and far between. However thread-on three lug devices are available to turn your boring muzzle threads in to a QD machine. It comes in especially handy for PCC barrels threaded in 1/2×36.

    Mounting systems

    SilencerCo Omega 9K using a threaded three lug mount from Hansohn Brothers

    This three lug wrench makes installation a breeze.

    Three lug mount and installation wrench from Hansohn Brothers.

    Direct thread mounts are still the most simple and easy to use systems available, especially when paired with the “Suppress Everything” mantra. So even if you have a silencer that can accept a QD system, it’s nice to have the ability to go old school as needed.

    Q Plan B SilencerCo Saker mount (Top); Hansohn Brothers direct thread adapters (Silver); Dead Air Nomad direct thread adapter.

    I bet if we fast forward 12 months there will be a few more suppressor mounting systems available to rifle and carbine shooters. But currently, these are my favorite. If I left something out, please let me know.

    Be safe, have fun and we’ll see you next Saturday.

    I bought my Q Plan B and Cherry Bomb from Hansohn Brothers here.

    The Hansohn Brothers direct thread mounts can be found here.

    The Hansohn Brothers three lug mounts can be found here.

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