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    Fierce Firearms has released a new bolt action rifle called Carbon Fury. The rifle is designed to be extremely accurate and lightweight thanks to its custom action and extensive use of carbon fiber. The company advertises it as an “affordable carbon barrel long-range rifle“.

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    Well, when it comes to carbon fiber, “affordable” is probably not the right word to use. As a matter of fact, the Carbon Fury costs $2595. However, the company markets it as an affordable option compared to similar bolt action rifles available on the market. As a proof of their claims, they have posted the following comparison chart on their social media pages.

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    As seen in the chart, the company guarantees a half MOA accuracy at 100 yards. To be more precise, they guarantee “3-shot ½” groups at 100 yards with appropriate ammunition“. Each Carbon Fury rifle is shipped with a test target proving that the rifle is capable of printing the advertised accuracy. The Fierce Firearms Carbon Fury rifles are available in the following caliber, action length, twist rate and barrel length options.

    Caliber Twist Rate Action Barrel Length
    6.5 Creedmoor 1/8 Short 24″
    6.5 PRC 1/8 Short 24″
    7mm Rem Mag 1/8.5 Mag Action 24″
    300 Win Mag 1/10 Mag Action 24″
    300 RUM 1/10 Mag Action 26″
    300 WSM 1/10 Short Mag 24″
    28 Nosler 1/8.5 Mag Action 26″

    The Carbon Fury rifle weighs 6.6 lbs … although it is not specified with what barrel and action length.

    As I mentioned above, the carbon fiber material is extensively used in this rifle. Particularly, the barrel is a carbon fiber wrapped one and the pillar bedded Monte Carlo style stock is made of this space-age material, too. The company especially takes pride in their hand-lapped and cryogenically treated stainless steel C3 barrels. Here is how they describe these barrels:

    Our stainless steel, match-grade, barrel liners are turned down to the perfect outside dimension to retain accuracy. We then apply carbon fiber in a multi-directional pattern to give both strength and stiffness to the barrel. This delivers bull-barrel accuracy from a lightweight barrel, shot after shot.

    The barrels and actions of the Carbon Fury rifles feature the company’s LastGuard coating which is a weatherproof finish that also ensures a smooth action. The standard stock color is the black/gray combination shown in the top image. For an additional $150 you can order one of the camouflage patterns shown below.

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    Left to right: Kuiu, Kuiu Verde, Kryptek Typhon, Kryptek Highlander.

    Other custom features include the thumbhole stock ($165 added to the price), custom length of pull ($150) and for an additional $325 you can order the left-handed version of the rifle.

    Images from Fierce Firearms

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