Dickinson Arms Introduces Plantation SXR Side-By-Side

    SXR shotgun

    Dickinson Arms' New Plantation SXR (Dickinson Arms)

    Dickinson Arms have introduced an elegant new side by side shotgun which combines the classic side by side layout with features from more modern sporting shotgun incorporating a rib sight and a semi-pistol grip stock. The Plantation SXR, built in Turkey, uses fine Turkish walnut and has a fine case hardened finish. The Plantation SXR comes in various gauges including: 12 GA., 16 GA., 20 GA. 28 GA. and .410 bore.

    Here’s Dickinson Arms’ press release on the Plantation SXR:

    At the heart of the Plantation SXR is a precision trigger plate mechanism with cosmetic side plates and receiver hand engraved with beautiful English scroll. This gun is hand built in Turkey by expert craftsmen who use only the finest materials and components and take great pride in their work. The receiver is finished with true bone-charcoal case hardening that makes each gun an individual and highly functional work of art.

    The luxurious look and feel of the Plantation SXR is further complimented by Dickinson’s use of premier grade Turkish walnut, featuring fine 24-lines-per-inch hand checkering and a hand-rubbed oil or gloss finish. The ability to select an English, Price of Wales or Pistol Grip stock further enhances the individuality of this gun. Special order upgrades to Grade 3/4/5 walnut stock are also available.

    The Plantation SXR offers a Single/Double trigger, automatic ejectors and can accommodate 2-3/4” or 3” shells. Availability of 24”, 26”, 28” and 30” barrel lengths ensures that shooters of all types and sizes can find the ideal Plantation SXR. This shotgun can accommodate fixed or thin wall chokes for different shooting applications.

    In addition to this and other Plantation Series models, Dickinson’s line of premium side-by-side shotguns also includes Standard and Custom Made Prestige and Estate Series, for the most discriminating shooters, collectors and hunters.

    You can find out more about the new Plantation Series SXR High-Rib Side-by-Side over on Dickinson Arms’s website – www.dickinsonarms.com.

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