Lone Wolf Introduces a Hybrid Timberwolf LARGE Glock Frame

    Lone Wolf SUBCOMPACT Timberwolf LARGE Glock Frame (1)

    Lone Wolf Distributors has announced the availability of a new version of their recently introduced Timberwolf Large (10mm/.45 ACP) frame. This new product is called TWL-S. It combines a G29/G30 size grip with a G20/21 size dust cover. In other words, by using this frame you can build a 10mm Auto or .45 ACP Glock parts compatible pistol that will have a G29/G30 size grip and G20/G21 length slide. Let’s see what advantages such a hybrid build can offer.

    Lone Wolf Hybrid Timberwolf LARGE Glock Frame (2)

    Stripped TWL-S frame with a smooth grip

    As you know, the grip of the handgun is the hardest to conceal part. It can be quite challenging to make a full-size grip not to print. Of course, you can opt for carrying a subcompact size pistol but then you will normally have to sacrifice the barrel and sight radius lengths because the majority of subcompact handguns have short barrels and slides. That being said, by having a subcompact size grip and a full-size barrel/slide (which is normally not too hard to conceal), you are getting the best of both worlds. You can even install a G40/G41 size long slides on these frames!

    You may argue that here we still have the disadvantage of a lower capacity short magazine. That is correct, however, you can carry a G29/G30 magazine in the gun and have a longer and higher capacity G20/G21 mag as a backup one because G20/G21 magazines fit in the G29/G30 frames and it is much easier to conceal the separate magazine.

    Lone Wolf Hybrid Timberwolf LARGE Glock Frame (1)

    Assembled frame with a textured grip

    Most of the features of this new frame are similar to the Timberwolf Large frame with a full-size grip. These frames are compatible with Gen3 and Gen4 Glock pistol parts. They have a very thin grip with the grip circumference being longer than the standard 9mm Glock grip by only .007″. As Lone Wolf describes it: “That’s only the width of a couple of human hairs, giving you real .45 ACP or 10mm firepower in a 9mm sized package“. The TWL-S frame is also available with textured or smooth grip options. Apparently, these frames feature interchangeable backstraps, too.

    Lone Wolf Hybrid Timberwolf LARGE Glock Frame (3)

    Assembled frame with smooth grip

    The Lone Wolf Timberwolf TWL-S frames are available in stripped or assembled configurations. A bare frame will cost you $124.95 and the MSRP of the assembled frame is $224.95. The choice of the grip texture won’t affect the price.

    Images by Lone Wolf Distributors

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