POTD: The Smoking Gun – Ase Utra Suppressor with Cole-Tac cover

    Ase Utra is a Finnish maker of sound suppressors, and an excellent at that.

    Cole-Tac call themselves a tactical accessory manufacturer“, and pictured is a custom made High Temperature Suppressor cover. It’s made for full auto firearms, but I figured it would work well removing the mirage from the sights of my Ruger Precision Rifle.

    The Ase Utra SL7i is well hidden under the cover, but you can see the Quick Detach function. I bought this from Cole-Tac in Europe, and configured it 100% to my specification. I bought this in the 2017 Black Friday sale and I’m really happy with their service.

    Below: Cole-Tac Suppressor cover. Note the 9 mm brass in the ice.

    My Ruger Precision Rifle is in .308 Win and I have confirmed hits out to 900 meters with it.

    At 1 000 meters the sight bottomed out, and it became really difficult to track and adjust the hits. I was using GGG and Lapua ammunition, which seemed to work really well.

    In all honesty, most of the shooting with this rifle is for shooting at much shorter distances.

    The sight is a Schmidt & Bender 3-12×50 PMII, in a Spuhr Quick Detach mount.

    Below you can see the whole system, with Magpul’s AICS magazine. At the moment there’s no front Picatinny. I hate the Keymod bits, and never succeeded in mounting it right. My fault or Keymod’s? Who knows, but I gave up.

    Anyway, this is my contribution for smoking a peace pipe as Today’s Photo Of The Day.

    I love the suppressed sound the Ruger makes in conjunction with the Ase Utra, as the 308s fly away.

    .308 Win subsonics are really quiet.  But you have to be aware if you go hunting with this combination, as the energy in the bullet is much lower than normal.

    You can find Ase Utra’s webpage here. Most likely not available in the USA, unfortunately.

    For Cole-Tac USA check here, and for Cole-Tac Europe here. Highly recommended!