Standard Manufacturing S333 VOLLEYFIRE Double Barrel Revolver

    Standard Manufacturing S333 VOLLEYFIRE Double Barrel Revolver (1)

    Standard Manufacturing has released a rather weird revolver called S333 Volleyfire. This gun has two barrels with side by side orientation and can simultaneously fire two .22 WMR cartridges with each trigger pull which means it can empty its eight-round cylinder in a matter of four trigger pulls. This revolver is most likely the evolution of the Volleyfire pepperbox that was introduced during the SHOT Show 2017.

    Standard Manufacturing S333 VOLLEYFIRE Double Barrel Revolver

    Another unusual feature of this revolver is the absence of a full trigger guard. As you can see, it has sort of a front trigger shield but there is nothing on the bottom portion. The double action only trigger is apparently designed to be pulled with two fingers. The gun has no manual safeties but there is a Glock-style trigger safety. The company describes the S333 Volleyfire as an extremely safe firearm. Here is how they explain it:

    The S333 also features an articulated safety integral into the trigger and requires a deliberate and full pull of the trigger before the transfer bar will clear from the firing pins and hammers. The resulting S333 is the safest personal protection firearm available.

    Standard Manufacturing S333 VOLLEYFIRE Double Barrel Revolver (2)

    In the above-embedded image, we can see that the revolver has a swing-out cylinder and a cylinder release latch located on its left side. There are also quite large iron sights. The barrels and cylinder (and probably some of the trigger mechanism parts) are made of steel. The frame is made of 7075 aluminum and features black anodized finish. The grip is a polymer one. Barrels of this handgun are quite short – 1 1/4″ (about 32mm). The overall weight of the S333 Volleyfire is 18 oz (510 grams).

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    The S333 Volleyfire revolver is listed on the Standard Manufacturing website at an MSRP of $369. I suspect that the company will bring this gun to the SHOT Show 2019. Stay tuned to learn more about this revolver from TFB’s SHOT Show reports.

    Pretty unusual gun, isn’t it? I am not sure if two rounds per trigger pull will provide a significant advantage in a defensive scenario. Obviously, two bullets are better than one, however, it is achieved at the cost of the amount of trigger pulls you have. Basically, it is an 8-round but 4-shot revolver, for lack of a better term. Interestingly, the company suggests combining the standard ammunition with birdshot loads so that “each pull of the trigger will deliver an incredible combination of firepower and very light recoil“. What do you think about it?

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