Everything Wrong to Make It Look So Good

    Everything Wrong to Make It Look So Good (1)

    “Everything Wrong to Make It Look So Good” – according to Drew Boquet, the creator of this gun, that’s the motto of this build. It was made to replicate a Khyber pass rifle. At first glance, it seems to be just another AK project made with a hodgepodge of different parts, however, the more you look at it the more you understand that there is something unexplainably cool in the combination of these parts.

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    The host rifle for this build was a WASR 10/63. The origin of the skeletonized stock is unknown. Although it looks like an Iraqi Tabuk stock, I suspect it is a replica due to some differences in the shape of the cutout.

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    I am sure many of you have noticed that the rifle is equipped with the very first Russian AK pistol grip – the Type 1 grip. I asked Drew how he attached the grip to the rifle because the Type 1 grip is not attached like the majority of more common grips. The type 1 grip has a metal base and the grip panels are screwed onto it from either side. It turns out, that a company called Soviet Stocks makes an adapter to attach Type 1 grips to any standard AK. Pretty cool!

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    Soviet Stocks Type 1 Grip Kit

    You have probably also noticed the green magazine. It looks like a Soviet border guard green magazine, however, this one is a replica made by painting the standard bakelite magazine. The original green mags are extremely rare and expensive.

    The wooden handguard is a Khyber Customs Shark Fin Lower Handguard which is made by modifying the Romanian (a.k.a. “dong”) AK handguards. The upper handguard/gas tube cover is an original Chinese “cheese grater”. By the way, Khyber Customs makes a replica of a “cheese grater” gas tube cover, too.

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    Khyber Customs Shark Fin Lower Handguard

    The barrel of this rifle was cut to 14″, then a Chinese conical flash hider was pinned and welded to it. The gas block used in this build is a JMac Customs GBC-13 which was designed after the East German MPi-AKS-74NK gas block/front sight block combo.

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    JMac Customs GBC-13

    I bet while reading this article you had mixed feelings about this build. I like it … although I can’t explain why exactly. What do you think about this AK built with “Everything Wrong to Make It Look So Good”?

    Many thanks to Drew Boquet for the provided information!

    Images from www.sovietstocks.com, www.khybercustoms.com, www.jmac-customs.com

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