NEW PHOTOS: CZ BREN 2 BR in 7.62×51

    BREN 2 BR

    CZ's new BREN 2 BR, with a Night Force optic (CZ)

    From 2019 Česká zbrojovka (CZ) will offer their 7.62x51mm BREN 2 BR (Battle Rifle), to military and law enforcement customers. The rifle was officially launched back in September, check out Vlad’s right up on it here. Now we have some new product photos to take a closer look at the rifle.

    The new rifle uses the same gas-operated, rotating bolt action as the other BREN 2 rifles, has a side folding stock, a 16 inch barrel, is 92cm to 99cm in length (depending on the adjustable stock’s setting), feeds from a 25 round P-MAG but CZ do not state the weight of the rifle – but certainly more than the 5.56x45mm BREN 2’s 6.6 lbs.


    CZ’s new BREN 2 BR, with a Night Force optic (CZ)

    The select fire BREN 2 BR is only available to military and law enforcement at the moment, here’s what CZ’s product page has to say on the new rifles:

    A cutting-edge individual automatic weapon combining the strong points of the successful CZ BREN 2 model series with the popular and powerful 7.62×51 NATO calibre. The result is a new generation light battle rifle, characterized by exceptional reliability, high accuracy, outstanding ergonomics and easy control. In comparison with assault rifles in 5.56×45 NATO or 7.62×39 calibres, the CZ BREN 2 BR boasts a considerably longer effective range and increased impact force at the target. All this comes without any significant weight increase to the weapon.

    The main advantages of the CZ BREN 2 BR include:

    Supreme reliability in all climatic conditions.
    Three-stage regulator to ensure reliable function even when heavily fouled.
    Improved resistance against impact, mechanical damage or fire.
    High accuracy in both modes of fire (single round, short burst).
    A number of MIL-STD-1913 rails for the attachment of accessories.
    Easy to move controls on both sides.
    Non-reciprocating cocking handle allowing the breech to be forward-assisted.
    Ambidextrous bolt catch with dual control.
    Ergonomic pistol grip with storage space and interchangeable backstraps.
    Comfortable robust telescopic folding stock with a thick rubber buttplate.
    Magazine well compatible with most magazines for 7.62×51 NATO cartridges.
    Easy and fast field stripping without the need for tools.

    CZ BREN 2 BR = all the assets of the CZ BREN 2 series + the high power of the 7.62×51 NATO cartridge.

    Here are some more photos of the BREN 2 BR:

    Right side view of CZ’s BREN 2 BR, with a Night Force optic (CZ)

    Left side view of CZ’s BREN 2 BR, with a Night Force optic (CZ)

    Here are some side views of the BR with just back up irons:

    Right side view of CZ’s BREN 2 BR, sans optic (CZ)

    Left side view of CZ’s BREN 2 BR, sans optic (CZ)

    In September CZ dropped a slick video showing off the new BREN 2 BR, running it though dry ice, mud, sand and water:

    While the select fire BREN 2 BR is currently only available to military and law enforcement it may join the new semi-automatic BREN 2 MS on the civilian market in the future.


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