Postcards from Russia’s Frogmen

    Do you remember the postcards from the German Kampfschwimmers? In Mother Russia they have Frogmen too and they are jealous.

    The Germans went to a warmer, tropical location. Smart move.

    The Russians got winter and ice, but they managed to get these Postcards to us from their secret, submerged location.

    The Russian’s armory is a bit less sophisticated than the German Kampfschwimmers’, there are no suppressed MP7s with red dots here.

    Everything looks much more old school than the Germans, but it works. Or you drown.

    Russian frogmen riding what looks like a Protei-5 diver propulsion vehicle.

    Underwater dart, looks fun. Aiming must be very difficult.

    Below: Russian Frogman with an APS underwater rifle with a 5.66×39 mm mm MPS cartridge. It can also shoot 5.66×120 mm steel darts. There are 26 of those steel darts in the strange banana magazine, effective up to about 40-50 meters. (looks closely in the picture and you will notice the strange magazine)

    Frogman with an IDA71 rebreather and APS underwater rifle.

    The four-barreled SPP-1 Underwater Pistol, the trigger and trigger guard is made for use with a wet or dry suit.

    The SPP-1 fires a round 4.5 mm steel dart about 115 mm long, which has more penetrating power than a speargun would.


    Is this how life emerged on Earth?

    Mr. 458 is leaving the rib for the ocean. Note the size of the submarine in the background.

    Mr. 482 is wondering how cold it is. Mr. 458 is ready to go back into the wet.

    Video from Army Inside: “Exclusive documentary about the Russian SSO forces and Russian special operations forces 2017″

    It has been reported that Russia’s Special Operations Forces are now using the German SD 414, a modern military grade Diver Propulsion Device. This is quite ironic considering the sanctions that should be in place.

    Eric B

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