US Department of Defense Awards Hornady with Contract to Supply 300 PRC Ammo

    300 PRC

    Hornady has announced through a Press Release on their website on December 11th that they have been awarded an ammunition contract from the U.S. Department of Defense to supply an undisclosed amount of their 300 PRC ammo for the long-range sniper program. In conjunction with Hornady’s ammunition, Barrett Firearms Manufacturing was also awarded a contract from the U.S. Department of Defense to provide an undisclosed number of MRAD rifle systems chambered in the Hornady® 300 PRC caliber. The Press Release from Hornady for their 300 PRC ammunition can be read below:

    Grand Island, NE — Hornady has been awarded a contract to provide its 300 PRC ammunition to the United States Department of Defense.

    The 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC), released by Hornady earlier this year, was tested and selected by the Department of Defense for its extended long range sniper program following a rigorous evaluation process that saw the new 300 PRC outperform the 300 Norma Mag as well as several other cartridges in testing past 2,000 yards.

    ‘We’re thrilled to be able to do our part to support our military members by providing a superior cartridge that will enhance their capabilities on the battlefield,’ said Scott Javins, Hornady Law Enforcement & Military Product Manager. ‘Over a 10-year development process, we packed all of our knowledge and experience into designing the 300 PRC as a cartridge that will not only win matches and bring home that trophy elk, but also meet the needs of the best-of-the-best within the Department of Defense. This contract confirms that we’ve met or exceeded their requirements for a new small arms ammunition solution for extended range engagements.’

    For those unfamiliar with the 300 PRC cartridge, its parent case is the 375 Ruger but was built by Hornady from the ground up to launch long, heavy-for-caliber, aerodynamic bullets over long distances. Its main intent was to be designed for maximum efficiency with common, temperature-stable, magnum-speed rifle powders. The 300 PRC delivers that in the eyes of Hornady (and the US Department of Defense) by being both extremely accurate and producing aerodynamic performance.

    The 300 PRC is commercially available in the Hornady® Match™ line with 225 gr. ELD bullets and the Precision Hunter® line with 212 gr. ELD-X bullets. Both options feature the Heat Shield® tip, which resists drag inducing bullet tip deformation from aerodynamic heating.

    With this announcement and now open acknowledgment from the US Department of Defense, do you believe in the efficacy of the 300 PRC? Have you personally shot it already? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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