Suppressed IWI Tavor and B&T APC-9

    Here are few examples of suppressed firearms, in either 9×19 mm or the more powerful .223 Remington (or 5,56×45 mm).

    The B&T APC9 Suomi pictured is just like the normal APC9 except it has a pinned suppressor (rather long one) to get into the legal minimum length in Suomi Finland. It is supposed to have fixed stock, but this has been replaced in this picture.

    The suppressor is covered by a custom made Cole-Tac cover (Made in Latvia, in Cole-Tac’s European factory).

    The .223 Rem isn’t the easiest caliber to suppress, but the SAI does a pretty good job. This model is called SAI M80 CQS50, and I was impressed by how quiet it was. It fits to the NATO A2 Flash suppressor with a QD-function, very nice.

    However, the 9×19 caliber is a really nice round to sound suppress, especially if you use sub-sonics.

    My ears tell me that the heavier the 9 mm bullet, the less the noise. Do you have the same experience? Less velocity less sound.

    No hearing protection needed.

    Shooting this B&T APC9 can be done without hearing protection, regardless if you’re using super- or sub-sonics. The stock is obviously collapsed in the picture.

    The suppressor on the IWI Tavor is SAI International (Made in Denmark) with quick-detach compatible with NATO A2 flash hiders.

    Here you can see the suppressors compared in size, and the pinning on the B&T to make it one with the barrel forever.

    The Tavor has an Aimpoint M4 Comp and the B&T uses a 6 MOA Aimpoint H-2 Micro, both very usable sights for their respective calibers. 6 MOA is very nice up to 80-90 yards, works longer as well. The Aimpoint M4 Comp has one of Aimpoint’s best dots, and with 2 MOA it works out to 300+ yards without problems.

    From SAI’s homepage dedicated to the M80 silencer / Suppressor


    The SAI M80 family of silencers / suppressors has its basis in the lock & twist mounting system developed by SAI. This locking system enables the user to fit the M80 to the standard NATO flash suppressor without the need of tools and without any alterations to the firearm.

    The M80 family of silencers / suppressors has been developed as “all purpose” silencers / suppressors. The silencers / suppressors are designed with harsh military use in mind – For both training and operational use.

    The purpose of the CQS Silencers / suppressors are to ensure low noise levels when operation in and around buildings or confined areas – Where the overall length of the weapon must be kept as short as possible to preserve optimal conditions in close quarter combat situations. The CQS50 being our most popular model configuration.

    The M80 family of silencers / suppressors improves the precision of short barreled assault rifles.

    The M80 silencers / suppressors is in use in many of the world trouble spots, and performs equally well in very different climates under extreme harsh conditions, from tropical heat and dusty environments to the cold weather conditions in mountainous areas.

    Made for the standard NATO 5,56 caliber ( .223 ). The model program consists of 4 standard types:

    • M80 K Silencer / suppressor
    • M80 L Silencer / suppressor
    • M80CQS40 and M80CQS50 (Close Quarter Suppressor / Silencer)

    Individual solutions based on end user need are possible.

    Special features of the M80 silencer / suppressor is a fully symmetrical locking system, a SAI developed gas seal that completely removes excess gas from disturbing the shooter. Further it has a build-in recoil reducer and flash suppressor.

    Variants of the M80 silencer / suppressor has been made for the Enfield SA80 and H&K G36 and 416 for both carbine and rifle versions.

    No special maintenance is required for the first 10.000 shots.

    The M80CQS50  silencer / suppressor and the M80K  silencer / suppressor are NATO certified.

    You can find SAI International here. (Small Arms Industries Denmark)

    B&T (Switzerland) can be found here.

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too. TCCC Certified medic.